Dear Pat, and all our Sandon friends,


Last Monday I realised that Sandon was also having their Christmas meeting the same week as Milson’s,  the day following ours, in fact. It seems to have been that sort of year, awake a little too late. 


Last Wednesday on arrival at Milson we discovered that Bev was missing, and Sylvia explained that she was in hospital – evidently had been feeling unwell, and on consultation with her doctor, was admitted.  We are to await approval before visiting.  So the day was fairly low key, with quite a number unwell besides Bev,  but the finger food was very nice, as was the entertainment – children from Milson, the local school, who sang so well for us, and their kapa haka  group, very enthusiastic.  This is team singing with actions, in the Maori style. 


I had lots of information to pass on from your letters, and the advent Christmas card went around everyone, they enjoyed the novelty of it,  complete with greetings.  The special small gifts were wrapped and great for extra draws of the raffle.  After showing the calendar and telling of my wish, the members were happy for me to enjoy it for the year. I also offered the card to anyone who would like to open the windows each day,  but they were all quite happy for me to do the honours.  (I’m discovering December activities at the Palace)   It is a lovely time of year with gifts around every corner!


It was interesting to hear of your home-grown entertainment this year,  the Twelve Days of Christmas is amusing.  Cinderella too, I remember from my early Institute days, it being presented at a group meeting.  Were you all dressed in character?   I guess the carol services will be this week, there will be some difficulty no doubt.


This is late for Institute information this year, but may come in at a later date.


We have enjoyed your annual Christmas letter too, Pat,  it is full of activity, and information re the family.


I’ll sign off now,  more later,


All good wishes for Christmas and New Year, from all your friends of Milson WI,

and Pauline