Dear Pat and all our Sandon WI friends,


Our greetings to you all, we know you have had business as usual while we have been enjoying time out and another run of beautiful summer weather.   I’m really astounded that we should have two years in a row of these gorgeous days, they help obliterate memories of rough weather of not so long since.  It is good to know that you in Essex have not suffered the extremes of winter weather that others in the Northern Hemisphere have had to endure, and when your summer arrives, hopefully you will follow on with the same conditions as we have enjoyed, and still are.


Last Wednesday we seemed to be ready for 2016 with members arriving for the barbecue and photo.  I was disappointed that nine members were unable to be there, especially for the photo session, but that can’t be helped when other issues intervene. The day was very hot, 32°C, and all were glad that the heat pumps which are very comforting when the temps. are low, can become air conditioning which kept us cool and able to think straight while it was rather fiery in the sun..  When available there will be photos of Milson Wl, heading your way.  There are two in the set, of members and of committee.  I must give all credit for the photo session to Pat, it being her suggestion that perhaps it was time for a group photo of Milson.  The hint was timely as it was 13 years ago when we had the last one.  Sadly the membership has diminished, in the forties now where we were in the seventies not so many years ago. Being such a hot and bright day,  we all stood or sat in the veranda space, and were in the shade, (all except the photographer) and the colours we are wearing are natural and bright, not being bleached in bright sunshine.  (And no squinting either!)


The barbecue food was lovely,  we always have pre-cooked sausages, a certain brand, which are the nicest and best tasting, and committee members had all prepared a variety of interesting salads to accompany. The meal was a fund raiser for our present charity,  St John.


With several items of business to be sorted, Norma wisely opted beforehand to not have a speaker.

Every month a Manawatu Institute is responsible for weeding and tidying the Hospice garden, and our place on the roster came up again, for February. 

On the 22nd February, Founder’s Day will be celebrated,  95 years since dear old Miss Jerome Spencer formed the first Institute at Rissington, Hawkes Bay. The actual date is 21st, and as that is a Sunday, we will have a picnic on the Monday, at Victoria Esplanade, combining with Hawkes Bay Federation, whose ladies will travel quite a long way to meet up with us.   It should be an interesting day; hopefully the weather will hold until then.


Our oldest member Margaret Oldham, who has been an Associate for the past three years, is 100 yrs of age on the 29th February.  As she hasn’t been able to celebrate her birthday on the proper date for three years out of four, all of her life, it is so special that she can this year.  Margaret lives with her younger daughter, another daughter and her two sons will be with her for the celebration.  I have obtained her Institute life particulars and hopefully they will be printed in the Home & Country.


As I’ll be away on holiday at the time of next month’s meeting, I will be unable to send news, and it is an important meeting too, being our AGM, but it is a temporary blip and I’ll resume asap.  The committee is willing to serve again,  but there is difficulty finding two top table positions once more. This problem seems to be ongoing and you have heard it before.  Sad in an Institute like ours.


With our warm regards and best wishes to you,


From your friends of Milson WI,

& Pauline