Dear Pat and our Sandon WI Friends,


The winter has definitely arrived – cold and frosty, to be enjoyed so much more when the sun arrives too, that is a great help to improve the warmth, such as today.  Yesterday there was cloud cover until the afternoon which kept conditions really cold until the sun broke through.  Today began sunny, and remained quite pleasant.  May was a very wet month for most of the country, and yet we hear it made records in the way of warm temperatures, it is a funny old world with strange weather patterns due to climate change.  My snowdrops are through, but there will not be much movement from them for several weeks I know, as they love to tease me, showing themselves a little then going back to sleep for a month or more.


Last week our Soup luncheon was up to expectations and most enjoyable with a selection of tasty soups made by committee members, and others with soup making reputations.  A prospective new member joined us, she and her husband have come from Yorkshire to live, as their daughter is here, also other relatives, so she feels quite at home already.  We are fortunate that she has chosen to come to Milson.   Marilyn is quite a clever crafter, showing many novelties (on her cell phone) that she enjoys putting together, she will be very welcome at our craft afternoons I know. It was very nice for her to win the raffle on the day, it seemed like a good omen.


For our Speaker we welcomed a lady who has made porcelain dolls for nearly 30 years, also teddy bears, from synthetic fur.  She has built her hobby into quite a lifestyle, giving lessons and having her own kiln.  She always uses natural fabrics to dress these dolls as I guess all who make reproduction dolls do, and is obviously a purist and fussy about all her ‘little ones’.   I asked her if she drafted her patterns as all the garments fitted beautifully.  She doesn’t, but decides on a style and if there is not a suitable pattern in her collection she will use a selection of pieces from various patterns to arrive at the style wanted. I have photos printed to send Pat so you can see her lovely ‘children’.


This month the National Conference will take place in Wellington, a busy time for those involved. Bev will be going as Federation delegate, and Sylvia Claridge is delegate for Milson.  I’m wondering if there will be a decision made on moving National Office to a suburban area this time, as mentioned in my letter last month. There will be some urgency I should think, to make decisions now and not wait for another year to pass.


We are pleased to hear that Val Chiswell is your new president, we wish her well with a good year to follow.  I recall Val being in the quiz team, we hope that history repeats for you this year.


What a nice thing if Sandon could arrange to have a group photo taken as well.  We’d love to get one.


Will also be interested to know which way the referendum will be decided. As you say, watch this space.


Queen’s Birthday weekend at present, tomorrow, Monday an extra holiday.


Wishing you all of Sandon a very pleasant meeting next Thursday,  and a sunny June.


From all of Milson WI and Pauline