Dear Pat and all our Friends of Sandon WI,


Greetings to you all, the year really is moving into higher gear now, have you noticed?  We are always aware of the quickening pace of life at this stage, and before you know it, it’s Christmas.


Not that I have anything to report apart from below, which is little enough.


November for N.Z. W.I. is known as International month, and there is usually something included in the programme to mark this.  One of our formerly strong Institutes, Longburn, used to hold a luncheon, inviting numbers from other institutes to come along for the day, providing a speaker, or entertainment to do with another country. This luncheon was a special day for many years.  Longburn has lost most of its membership in more recent times as there are no younger women in the district who do not go to work, so its Institute will go into recess in December.  About 30 years ago there were huge freezing works there, where great numbers of animals were processed and despatched far and wide.  When the works were closed, people moved away to other places for work, so Longburn lost many of its residents, and the Institute lost potential members.


To mark the day Milson members brought along many different things which came from other countries, and described in a few sentences how each came to possess the article.  All most absorbing, we saw some rare and interesting items.


The 4th, 5th and 6th of November saw the annual A & P Show in action in Feilding once more, with Institutes displaying their familiar talents in home making again.  President Bev in her roles of President of Federation, and of Milson, was very busy both there on the spot, and for days previously.  Her team spent time cleaning and polishing, from the trophies to the bay surrounds, these surrounds being stored all year apart from the three days of the show, so they’re always in need of a spruce up, ahead.  I noted that Milson won the trophy for Display, the theme this year  was Guy Fawkes, and one of our members won Best Handcraft, but details will have to follow when known.


Please excuse this very brief letter, news seems to be in short supply again.


With best wishes from all of Milson WI,

& Pauline