I am sorry to have to tell you some distressing news – Bev Williams, Milson’s President, died suddenly earlier in the week.  We are all very shocked and concerned, for her family, for our Institute, and her wider connections which were extensive.  She was driving Barbara Clark home from the Craft afternoon when she became ill, having conducted the committee meeting in the morning at her home, and moving on to Milson Hall for craft, in the afternoon.    Barbara having been a nurse all her adult life, knew how to cope, and we were glad to know she directed Bev to the side of the road, summoning help from nearby chiropractic rooms.  The hospital was a convenient 200-300 metres away, and help was administered quite promptly.  Unfortunately, Bev could not be saved, and although the reason is not known, her heart would have been the target.  


We knew she was struggling to regain her health, she had told us of her frustration that she couldn’t find a word, or got it muddled on expression, also, she had had a fall prior to the June meeting which did not help matters, but she would never save herself from getting down to work.  Joyce McEwen told me that she had everything in hand for our birthday meeting, all the little details, and that would not surprise anyone.  There are many visitors invited.  Sylvia is V.president,  we’ll just have to put our best foot forward, and manage.


Bev’s funeral is next Friday, 28th, delayed as her daughter was overseas.  What a shock for poor Necia, to hear while so far away.  She is the daughter I told you of in April, who addressed the Federation on what is involved in being a J.P.


As you might know, the mid-year Federation luncheon held yesterday, was rather subdued.  The meal was as nice as always, at the Manawatu Golf Club,  and it’s always a happy thing to catch up with our old friends.  A nice young man from P.N. Boys’ High came to entertain with guitar and singing.  He’d performed at Milson two or so years ago,  when quite short and plump.  Now he’s quite a streak, with a young man’s confidence in the nicest way.  I was impressed with his playing, and he sang in several styles of artists I quite favour, so he ticked the boxes for me and I think for most if not all the women there.


Thank you for letting me know about the mail package.  There is still have plenty of time for it to arrive, next week for sure it will be here in spite of NZPost’s slow coach. 


Lots of rain still falling around the country, with serious flooding in many places, it seems empathetic with the mood this week.


I’ll sign off Pat, and be in touch in a week or so,  we often speak of you.


With love,