Dear Pat and our Sandon WI friends,


The seasons are rolling over again, with approaching winter signs in your surroundings, while we are still anticipating more sunshine after a cold wet year.  It would be really nice to have several sunny days in a row, and no rain, or wind.  We keep hoping, meanwhile I’ve decided to take vitamin D. 


There has been significant illness amongst Milson’s members over these cold months, illness and aging have contributed to resignations, and our membership has fallen to the lowest numbers we have ever had, but we still plan ahead as always.  It was really good to see Beryl Papesch return on Wednesday after a long year recovering from an ankle broken in three places.


Your Mildmay Group meeting would have been such an interesting place to be on the day, with all those colourful quilts on display, and very special for Sandon members with the competition cup being awarded to you for your patchwork quilt.  Our congratulations to all the craft ladies involved.  Coincidentally our Manawatu Group meeting held recently also, were entertained by Caroline Noaro who brought along a selection of her patchwork quilts, wall hangings, clothing etc,  which were amazing, evidently.  The presentation must have been lovely and I was sorry not to have been there.


At the Milson meeting we were entertained by a couple of high school youths who made history, presenting a short concert of jazz.  I’m sure this would have been the very first jazz concert in all our W.I. years.  The two are seniors at Feilding Agricultural College, and piano player Blair, is the grandson of our member Barbara Gowan.  The other youth played drums, both were most impressive.  They played many jazz standards that we knew the tunes of, but couldn’t put names on.  Blair is off to Australia with a school music combo to perform there.  We were all quite surprised and pleased by their maturity.


The members who did well at our September Spring Show were presented with their place certificates, the two ladies who won the trophies had their presentations put on hold – both Joyce McEwen and Norma Angus were too unwell to be present.


As November is International month, we will have a fundraiser lunch, with featured food of other countries.  Hopefully the illnesses of winter, plus the big wet, will have moved on and we will have a better turn out.  


Have a happy October meeting.


With best wishes from all Milson WI members,