Dear Pat and Sandon WI Members,


I’m pleased to report that I was able to attend Milson’s meeting last week, for the first time in several months; it was a very special occasion for me, seeing all my friends again, and I think they were happy to see me too. 


Also, hearing Institute news first hand was novel.  Loraine Judd told me she had read Sandon’s news for me last month, as Norma had been attending a funeral that day, and she was glad I was present to deliver on Wednesday, it seemed the old normality was back to where it had been – so I’ll have to keep it up, and repeat the process again.


The first piece of news I imparted was how Pat and I seemed to be rather in tandem with health issues at present, so that was the not so glad news dealt with, and of course everyone is in sympathy with the two correspondents, the members have big hearts and a concern that things will improve for us both, as soon as possible. 


I was then able to read of the Sandon programmes from the informative piece which Dorothy Gray had written for the St Andrew’s Parish magazine, published in March.  We were all amazed at the wonderful feat of President Val, going to Antarctica and sleeping out on the ice. What will she be doing for her next big thing?  Our congratulations to Val for her amazing hold on Life.  I’m hoping to get along for the afternoon session of Manawatu Federation AGM, (Mon 9th) which is as big as I can do.


Sylvia had arranged for an antiques dealer to come and view members’ special pieces so he could comment and perhaps value some.  He was knowledgeable about the articles, but it seems many, if not all, do not have the value they once would have attracted.  He said that they are mostly unwanted,  no one wants to buy them.  He told a horror tale of lovely big old wooden chests, some of oak and other good timbers,  which now have to go to the dump because they take up valuable space!  The dealer mentioned he had a shop in Featherston, but I think he’s retirement age, so probably it’s a hobby shop to keep his interest and perhaps make a sale or two. 


Your subject for the afternoon next Thursday will be very interesting and a nice introduction to the entertaining which will be quite a feature of your activities next month, what an exciting time ahead for you all. We are thinking of you at this special time in your WI life.


With our especially good wishes for everyone of Sandon WI, as you prepare for next month’s festivities.


From all your friends of Milson WI,

and Pauline