At the previous meeting on 29th October 2015, guidance and practical help was provided on the next stage of making the maple leaf design.


Please complete the instructions provided here ready for the next meeting on 25th February 2016 which as usual will be held in the St Andrew's room of Sandon church at 2pm.



1.         Start by making one knot at end of thread.


2.         Insert needle on wrong side of work around the area you are going to start quilting. Give a quick tug and pull knot through.


3.         Now start by quilting around middle square of maple leaf using small running stitches. Stitching in the ditch (on stitching seam).


4.         Then continue quilting all around the edges of the maple leaf (keeping a straight line).


5.         Complete by quilting around the leaf stalk and edges of the two squares which form part of maple leaf.


6.         No need to complete quilting around the 2 side squares except what you have already done when completing other areas of the leaf.


7.         Complete by winding thread around needle twice and pull through to back of leaf and make a knot then pass needle back along material

            and pull knot through backing so knot disappears.


Use quilting thread and small quilting needle. Use Gutermann Quilting Thread CA02776 Col. 8816.