Mildmay group meeting 2015 - Posh Tea invitation



Sandon WI hosted this year’s Mildmay Group Meeting in the WI’s Centenary year. We were treated to a lovely afternoon tea of sandwiches and cakes. The guest speaker was Doreen Potter who kept us all entertained with poetry and anecdotes.


The Competition Results are shown below and Little Baddow received the Lady Ritchie cup for gaining the most points overall in the three competitions which were Floral Display, Victoria Sponge Cake and an Invitation Card.


The five WI’s attending were from Boreham, Hadfelda, Little Baddow, Sandon and Springfield. All the members came suitably dressed for a Posh Tea and wearing hats. The member’s outfits were judged by our guest speaker, Doreen Potter, who chose Virginia Strange from Hadfelda as the lady wearing the best outfit.


The afternoon was enjoyed by all and was a great success.


Hall laid out ready for guests

  The hall laid out ready for the guests



Cakes laid out ready to eat

Delicious cakes set out ready to eat!





  Competition Results  
Cookery - Victoria Sandwich Cake
1st Celia Embrahemi Little Baddow WI
2nd Pat Crozier Springfield WI
3rd Marjorie Jenkin Boreham WI
Craft - Invitation card
1st Dorothy Gray Sandon WI
2nd Virginia Strange Hadfelda WI
3rd Margaret Smith

Little Baddow WI

Floral - Table flowers
1st Lesley Baugh Little Baddow WI
2nd Sheila Dyer

Springfield WI

3rd Ann Eley Sandon WI
Overall results in reverse order
3rd Place Hadfelda WI
2nd Place     -    Joint
Sandon and Springfield WIs
1st Place  Little Baddow WI


Little Baddow WI was the overall winner of the Lady Ritchie Cup






Cookery  – Victoria Sandwich


 Victoria sandwich - first - little Baddow

1st prize – Little Baddow WI (Celia Embrahemi)



 Victoria sandwich - second - Springfield

2nd prize – Springfield WI (Pat Crozier)



 Victoria sandwich - third - Boreham

3rd prize – Boreham WI (Marjorie Jenkin)



 Craft - Invitation card


Craft invitation card - first - Sandon

 1st Prize – Sandon WI (Dorothy Gray)



 Craft invitation card - second - Hadfelda

 2nd Prize – Hadfelda WI (Virginia Strange)



Craft invitation card - third - Little Baddow 

3rd Prize – Little Baddow WI (Margaret Smith)



Floral - Table Flowers


Floral flowers - first - Little Baddow

1st Prize – Little Baddow WI (Lesley Baugh)



Floral flowers - second - Springfield

2nd Prize – Springfield WI (Sheila Dyer)



 Floral flowers - third - Sandon

3rd Prize – Sandon WI (Ann Eley)