Sandon WI held their Christmas party on 11th December 2014. We started the meeting with a small amount of business.


Then Peter Watchorn from the Chelmsford Food Bank was invited to talk and he gave us a general overview of how the Food Bank works and how people are eligible by being given vouchers from Social Services and other departments in authority.


We then moved on to some Christmas readings interspersed by cracker jokes from each table in the room.


Members also had quizzes prepared by Pat Eden to complete while the meeting was in full swing.


The photographs show a display of Christmas items setup by Pat Eden and received from New Zealand.


Peter enjoyed a much needed cuppa and a mince pie after his talk and is seen chatting to Val Chiswell.


The Christmas competition was a table decoration and Peter was asked to judge.


Then there was the Christmas cake and members were asked to guess the weight; Doll Stubbings was the lucky winner.


We had a very attractive Christmas raffle ably set up by Barbra Hodges.


New Zealand had sent a beautiful apron for Rose Jewitt who prepares and serves our tea. Mavis Raine won the Rose bowl for the most winning entries for the flower of the month over the year.


A good time was had by all.



 Peter Watchorn and Val Chiswell          Some of the items on the trading table

     Peter Watchorn our speaker who spoke about                 The trading table which raised £110 proeeds which

     Chelmsford Food Bank chatting to Val Chiswell                 were donated to Chelmsford Food Bank




 Pat Eden with items received from New Zealand          Close up Items received from New Zealand

    Pat Eden with a display of items sent from our                   A close up of the items received from New Zealand

    friends in New Zealand

 Doll Stubbings with the cake she won by guessing it sweight          Close up of the cake

   Doll Stubbings won guess the weight                         A close up of the cake

   of the Christmas cake   



Table decorations          Raffle table

  The competition was a Christmas table decoration                                           Raffle table

  which was won by Barbara Deathe

                   (display in the red goblet)



Rose Jewitt receiving her apron from NZ from Celia Kerslake          Mavis Raine receiving her rose bowl from Celia Kerslake

   Rose Jewitt receiving the apron sent              Mavis Raine won the Rose Bowl for the

   to her from New Zealand                                most entries for flower of the month