Sandon WIs Meeting on 13th November 2014 was a craft afternoon when many members took part.


The afternoon was entitled SILK-N-BEADS and was lead by Sue O'Hea.


After an introduction to the afternoon by Val Chiswell, our Vice President, the ladies wishing to make a necklace all sat together on a long table. We all chose our beads and a piece of material matching in some cases.


Craft afternoon 1          Craft afternoon 2     


Craft afternoon 3          Craft afternoon 4          Craft afternoon 6

                      (Photographs of various members taken during the afternoon as they created their necklaces)



The white beads went inside the long piece of material which had been machined down one side and was open ended. We then with the help of a knitting needle turned the piece of material into a tube with machine stitching inside.


Then 5 white beads were inserted in the tube one by one and on the outside we drew the material through a smaller bead with a big whole in to secure the white bead in place.


We then followed putting 5 small white beads either side of the big white beads also secured on the outside by small beads.


Once all the beads had been secured we turned in the end of the piece of material and slip stitched together.


Then some people tied their necklace around their necks.


If anyone wishes to try this at home please look at some of the photos to obtain a clearer indication as to how the necklace was made and hopefully this will all become clear! It was a fun afternoon and was very much enjoyed by everyone present.