In January this year Sandon WI had an inspiring talk on The Chatham Green Project. We were transported in the middle of winter to Africa, the wild areas of Scotland and educational courses on the wild life in this country and especially at Chatham Green. After hearing Richard, the enthusiastic speaker we decided to arrange a summer visit to Chatham Green to learn more.


Sadly, only a few of us were able to go last Thursday, but we had a great time. We had coffee and biscuits to set us up for a slow walk around the acreage of the farm owned by Strutt and Parker. We saw some of the thousands of trees planted by volunteers of all ages and from various organisations. Also a pond made for pond dipping, beehives, a barn owl box, not yet occupied and we even managed to light cotton wool without matches, which we could have used to light a fire for cooking.


All this as well as hearing about the courses for children of all ages and abilities in line with the curriculum. We even sat in a house-like tent which is used for lessons. Richard was probably exhausted by all our many questions, but we really learned a lot as well as enjoying a day in the beautiful Essex countryside. The Chatham Green Project is under the umbrella of the Wilderness Foundation which is based all over the world and the project in this country is of course at Chatham Green.


Visit to Chatham Green Project

(Front) Sandon WI members: Barbara Death, Dorothy Gray, Iris Watts, Val Chiswell and Frances Fremont

(Rear) Richard and a  member of Staff


We look forward to our autumn meetings about graphology in October and Pie and Mash lunch in November followed by memories of the East End, finishing the year with our Christmas party meeting in December. Come and join us and see and hear all the other things we do.