The first special event for Sandon WI’s centenary year took place on Thursday 18th January 2018 when Georgie Godbold and Beryl Puffett gave a Sugar Craft demonstration in St Andrew’s Room.


Using a soft fondant icing, various shapes can be made to use in cake decorating or as standalone models of animals, flowers or cartoon characters.


We were fortunate today in having two experienced modellers, Georgie Godbold and Beryl Puffett to demonstrate this art and show how simple but effective designs could be made, even by a beginner.


A variety of models were made, and the couple were warmly appreciated for showing us how to create these and use them for decoration. A selection of the models is shown below.


Sugar craft cake                    Flowers

       A decorated cake                                                Flowers




 Six sugarcraft figures

                            A set of six model figures



Three sugarcraft figures                    Sugarcraft circle

       Three more characters                              A sugarcraft circle


Twenty sugarcraft figures to make


 More examples of Georgie Godbold’s model figures to make are provided in her book ‘Sugar Wobblies’ (20 to make) which includes instructions for using sugar craft to make a variety of figures for cake decoration or for standalone use.