THE SOUTH ESSEX NATURALIST: The report and records of the South Essex Natural History Society 1934-continuing. Published first annually, then biennially and now annually. This gives an account of the Society’s activities for each period of the report and details of records of species and habitats during that time.
The 21st anniversary issue 1934-1955 includes a history of the Society and authenticated records of the flora and fauna of the Rochford Hundred, the status in 1955 of 202 Birds,; Lepidoptera (551 spp), Plants (830 spp), and Mammals.

MacConnell, J. (ed,) 1978: Landscape History and Habitat Management. From a Symposium on Land Use and Habitat Management in South Essex held at Southend-on-Sea on 23 April 1977.
There are eight papers: on the Essex landscape; on the management of woodlands and historic hedgerows, on the restoration and maintenance of ponds; on biological conservation in South Essex, and in churchyards and coastal sites in particular. A guide is given to surveying the landscape and listed wildlife of a parish.

Spooner, B.M. and Bowdrey, J.P. (eds) 1988. HADLEIGH GREAT WOOD: The Wildlife and history of Belfairs Nature Reserve. 278 pp. SENHS, Southend-on-Sea. ISBN 0 9514189 0 4.
This publication celebrates the 50th anniversary of Belfairs Nature Reserve, 1934-1988 and the contribution made by the Society to its protection and conservation during that period. The contents cover location; topography; drainage; geology; soils; climate; prehistory; archaeology; modern history; acquisition; statutory protection; conservation; management; education and recreation.  The authenticated recorded flora, fauna and fungi, number a total of 2,295 species for Belfairs Nature Reserve. For example, to illustrate the variety : 4 Ferns; 6 Conifers; 380 Flowering plants; 8 dragonflies and damselflies; 27 terrestrial molluscs; 40 species of butterfly; 326 of the larger moths; 128 birds and 29 species of Mammal are listed.

Belfairs Nature Reserve. Trail leaflet. Xxxx ? date. Information supplied by SENHS and compiled by a member, M. O’Connor, in consultation with the Leisure Services Department of Southend Borough Council. SENHS, Southend-on-Sea.
A way-marked map is given of Dodds Grove and Hadleigh Great Wood. There are details of flora and fauna to be observed on the Hadleigh Great Wood Trail; the Dodds Grove Trail and the Ancient Woodbank Trail: How to get there, and a code to follow once there, are included too.

 Prittle Brook.   Trail Leaflets