CUP WINNERS 71th Summer Show Results - 2017

The John Bahr Cup                  - Most points for Horticulture - RICHARD MONK

The Bentley Cup                      - Best exhibit, other than collection for Vegetables - LES MOUNTAIN

The Charles & Sarah Haydn Memorial Cup - Most points for Collection of vegtables - RICHARD MONK

Nan Stevenson Trophy            - Most points for Flowers  - RICHARD MONK

The Summer Byford Cup         - Most points for Cookery - KATE BINKS

The John Bright Cup               – Best Exhibit for Potato Collection - RICHARD MONK

The Peter Monk Cup               – Best Exhibit for Salad Collection - JOHN BRIGHT

The Sally Prime Cup               – Most points for Preserves - KATE BINKS

The Goodchild Cup                – Most points for Floral Art - JENNY EARLEY

The Arthur Bright Cup            – Longest Runner Bean - JOHN BRIGHT

Certificate                               – Most points Age under 5 - ZOEY REIMAN

Certificate                               - Most points Age 5 - 7 - BOBBY REIMAN

Certificate                               - Most points Age 8- 11 - JOSEPH LAWREANCE

Small prize for Teens handicraft - SOPHIE EARLEY


Diplomas and Certificates - For any outstanding exhibits at the Judge's discretion


CUP WINNERS  70th Autumn Show 2017

The Irene Bahr Cup         - Most points for Horticulture -  

The Vera Smith Perpetual Challenge Cup – Best Exhibit of - Collection of Vegetables”

The Autumn Byford Cup  - Most points in Flower classes - 

The Hornsby Trophy       - Most points for Cookery  -  

The Andrew Overall Cup – Best Exhibit for Potato Collection –

The Runner Bean Challenge Cup - Longest Runner Bean –

The Sue Martin Cup        – Most points for Preserves –

The Shirley Bedding Trophy – Most points for Floral Art –

The Bob Reiman Tankard -Pumpkin of Largest Circumference –

The Jessie Hicks Tankard - Heaviest Marrow –

Certificate                      – Most points Age under 5 –

Certificate                      – Most points Age 5-7 –

Certificate                      – Most points Age 8-11 –


Combined Both Shows

The Len Chinnery Trophy  - Combined points for Photography at both Shows –  

The Perry Cup - Combined points for Handicraft at both Shows –

The Aldworth Rose Bowl   - Combined most points in Fruit Sections at both Shows –