Shalford Local History Association

Open Day 30th June 2018

Free entry to Shalford Village Hall from 10.00am until 3.00pm to view the work of the Association proved very successful, although an extremely hot day many braved the outside temperatures to view all the work of team members over the last 12 months. Teas and cakes gratefully received from the Bendlowes team who helped out in this venture

newspicture15This is the second year running that an open day has been held under the guidance of Barbara Mavis current chair person

Members are current in the process of digitalising all their documents using equipment obtain with a grant from BDC, both our District Councillors, Peter Tattersley and Peter Schwier attended the event

If you are interest in saving our history or finding out more and wish to join, meetings are normally held 3rd Tuesday afternoon 2.30- 4.00pm at Shalford Village Hall.




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