BT Boost their Broadband

The continuing improvements to all Broadband suppliers on speed gathers pace, unfortunately not for all that live in very rural areas

This past month BT have advised that as an active user of the Internet they are giving a lift to my speed from 50Mbps to 67Mbps, completely free of charge.


Connect is by Fibre to Broadband cabinet opposite the George PH car park, then copper to house.



Some 18 months ago due to dropping of Broadband signal OpenReach installed a new main telephone socket which has separate connections for telephone and modem and advised to plug modem directly into the socket and run all systems on wireless.


With their new BTHub6 modem the wireless signal radiates throughout our house.


The above speed report at 75.5Mbps om Sunday lunch time, has been taken from a computer two rooms away from the modem with solid brick walling



To check your speed  use the 'Which Web Site' reporting at 

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