Dog Poo Around Shalford

Local FaceBook postings in October 

1. Apologies for the negative post but there is someone with a dog who uses dark green poo bags who keeps leaving the bags on the ground. The latest by the gate in the church yard. I really wish they would take them home or put them in the bins provided, if it’s you or you know who it might be please try a bit harder to look after our village

2. I’d be grateful if Dog poo owners didn’t leave their dog poo on the path up to where they use their remote airplanes . Also Dog poo on pavements by brick house. ! Please clear up your dog poo. Thanks x

3. I have picked two of them up recently. This is the sort of thing gets us all a bad namenewspicture11

Shalford Parish Council provide Free Dog Poo bags  - available at Shalford Village Stores and The George Public House, we also have 7 Dog Bins around the village on the main footpaths which are emptied by Braintree District Council 


There is also a continuing problem on Shalford Village Hall playing field with mess that has to be cleared before football and earlier in the year cricket could commence, also around the children's play area.

Wethersfield does not allow dogs onto their playing field

This past month Cardiff District Council have banned dogs even on a lead from all fields marked out as playing pitches with £100 fine if caught, Colchester District Council has introduced the ban on its fields in the north of the district with 13 people caught so far, with £100 fines. Perhaps Braintree witl be next [info BBC Essex Radio] 

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