Tesco's Blue Tokens

Shalford Village Hall committee applied to the Tesco Blue Tokens award scheme for a grant to help toward replacement grass gang mowers for our village hall playing field, tokens are given if you use a Tesco plastic carrier bag

All our local Braintree Stores were involved in the scheme over the July/August period for grants ranging from £4,000 to £1,000 for the local winners, unfortunately we were pitted against a Children's Playgroup Group and a Local Primary School.

Shalford came 3rd with an award of £1,000, many thanks for all who voted for Shalford Village Hall, the grant will help towards the replacement mowers  

Tesco's Blue Token Awards Scheme



We have the Chairman of our Village Hall Committee Colin Golding and wife Linda in applying for all the grants which help to improve Shalford amenities, for those that signed the petition for helping to gain additional grants for the Village Hall Roof to proceed and addition grant has now been received recently at £5,000, which was way below the £23,000 expected, which will cause additional delay

Colin is also Chairman of Shalford Parish Council

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