How Is Your Broadband

In recent weeks I have received a number of enquiries regarding the County Broadband circular recently sent to all Shalford residents, the following hopefully answers most questions

Where are you with your Internet connections today, not to far in the distance past some 15 years ago to send an email you needed to use a telephone modem dial-up system for just the one message, with no connections using a mobile phone, now we are swamped with gadgets all online constantly. Much of the change is due to our government investing more monies into improving the cabling structure within the UK
The majority of the infrastructure is owned by Openreach which allows service provides such as BT, Sky, Talktalk to supply individual households. Other suppliers such as Virgin and CityFibre lay and own their own cables, currently in the Shalford area we have Openreach, Gigaclear and County Broadband which currently has a wireless system in Blackmore End operating from the radio mast in Beazley End
The Government announced last year that by 2020 access to fast broadband will be a legal right, so from next year providers will be required to provide access to high-speed broadband of at least 10Mbps to anyone that request it – regardless of where they are in the country [Daily Mail Jan 30]

Your Broadband Speed

Best method to check your speed is to visit the Which Magazine simple tester at with a click of a button and it will measure your speed for both Downloading and the uploading which is less important for most users

Is You Property Due for Upgrade?

Currently Essex County Council manages government funding for infrastructure upgrades in the Shalford area and last upgraded the maps in September 2018 can be seen at note two maps available current position and the State Aid Map which shows plans for the next three years

Changing ISP

Remember not all line providers allow you to switch Internet service providers

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