Wethersfield Amateur Performers is an established local amateur drama group attracting local people of all ages. The group has performed a variety of shows over many years including musicals, comedy drama and cabarets.  

The next event will be a murder mystery play 'Secondary Cause of Death" This is part of the triology which 'Murdered to Death' was the first performed by the society in 2009.

Brief Outline: -

The Colonel has engaged the formidable Cynthia Maple to run a murder mystery evening. She has engaged the services of Cardew Longfellow (the thesbian) because he looks like the Colonel. Inspector Pratt arrives on the scene. He is the ultimate incompetent (he would refer to himself as incontinent) detective who consistently muddles his words to highly amusing effect. There is a back reference to Murdered to Death, when the colonel’s wife was confined to an asylum. She has escaped and as bodies pile up Pratt draws all the wrong conclusions around several double roles of characters.

There are three or four male roles and six female roles.

John Wollard will be returning as the Director and John Pearce is the Producer.

The play will be introduced to anyone interested in taking part on the 5th September @ 8.00pm with a presentation held in Wethersfield Village Hall followed by auditions on the 19th/20th September, again in the village hall. No experience is necessary, and you will be guaranteed a good time over the winter months! 

Production dates are the 28th February 1st and 2nd of March 2019.  

Any queries to John Pearce on 01371 851019 or Charlotte Holliday on 01371 851376

19th August 2018