Defibrillator Commission at Jaspers Green

You may remember that Shalford Parish Councillors had plans to use the redundant telephone box at Jaspers Green as a vehicle to hold a lifesaving defibrillator being provided by Freshwell Health Centre.

Newspicture07Shortly before installation a burst pipe in Jaspers green cause the telephone box to fall into an underground cavity destroying its electricity supply. Months passed whilst all local services had to be rebuilt and Anglia Water having to find a replacement box due to damage, last delay cause in restoring an electricity supply.

With persistent by our Parish Clerk Cathryn Carlisle the Defibrillator is now fully operational, this is the second one available in Shalford, other at the entrance to Shalford Village Hall, a third one is planned to be available in the future at the George Public house.

Simple to use but you must be quick – Don’t Forget to Take a Mobile Phone with You to access the equipment as you will need to give the Defibrillator Box number to the 999 operator, before you can obtain the code to open the box [no BT Telephone in the box]  

Local residents Sue & Dave Martin have offered to check the equipment monthly to ensure the electrical pads are fully charged at all times, once with the patient the equipment will provide you with recorded information of what to do! 


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