St Andrew's Parish Church Shalford Essex


Celebrating 700 years of existence for St Andrew’s Parish Church Shalford on Saturday 8th June proved to be a milestone for the organisers of Shalford Local History Society Association with Barbara Mavis as Chairperson, and Alison her daughter as the event organiser. With heavy rain all during the previous night and early on Saturday morning the day’s events looked ominously not likely to proceed in full, but at 10.00am with many local residents having already assembled to take part in the day’s festivities and the beer tent being in full swing the events took off. During the day the weather improved becoming a lovely summer afternoon and evening with a hog roast by FOSTAC and vegie burgers, everything sold out and beer tent had to be replenished three times by Nigel from Shalford Brewery

Newspicture07Over 30 different individual stalls and tents arranged in the churchyard and a full timed activity every half-hour until 8.00pm kept everyone occupied including the outstanding exhibits within the St Andrew’s Church itself, including local Arts, Brass Rubbings, Organ Music, Singers and Brass Band to name just a few.


Special mention of the Church flowers arrangers’ efforts on Friday until late evening in erecting all the displays. Flower display’s all being outstanding as based on different themes taken place over the centuries from Christopher Columbus to the Apollo Landing on the Moon and should be a delight to visitors to the church in the following days.


Sunday 9th

Celebrations continued with a 6.00pm evening of ‘Songs of Praise’ led by Rev Janet Nichols with hymns suggested by PCC, FOSTAC, Shalford Horticultural Society, Shalford History Society and Shalford Parish Council. Very unusually Rev Janet Nichols had written a special hymn to celebrate the event for Shalford, seven verses, which was outstanding. Rev Colin Wilson closed the evening with prayers and asked Molly Wright to cut the cake as she was there when the church was built!! [104 in September]


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