Added May 2011 

Anne Saunter

Now Somerset - Mid 70's Narrow House, The Street, Shalford

I was pleased to see how well the school is doing, and wonder how many people remember how close we came to losing it, when it was threatened with closure and amalgamation with, I believe,Wethersfield. The newly formed Parent teacher association ,well mostly Sheila Cudmore and me, visited every house that we could find asking whether they would be sending their children to the school. This proved a good jumping off point, and a schools inspector, or similar person, attended a meeting called by parents, did not remove his coat, hoping noe doubt to demolish us quickly....two hours later, perspiring heavily, he was still there, admitting that he was surprised by our result....there is a flourishing school in the village!

Also does anyone remember the hilarious pancake race run sometime in the seventies, lots of cheating, shoving and pushing, and lots of fun. I believe Sue Mason won....but memories being as they are, thats not gospel!! Annie Saunter