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Phyllis Reiman [Nee Reynolds] - Shalford

Being bought up in Shalford from our early childhood we have played in about every field around the village. The meadows where the fish ponds are, we called Hussy's meadow, climbed many a tree that use to be in there before going to paddle in the river.

We spent all our time outside in those far off days, in fact you were sent out to play, no doubt coming from a family with nine children, not a lot of room inside.
Sunday school every Sunday - Girl guides as we got older, later years a youth club in the cottage I was born in near the church entry, now pulled down, these were called the Alms Cottages.
Many hours spent on Mr Browns boats down at Codham, in fact guess most of us kids learnt to swim by being thrown in the river.
Except Doreen who still can not swim, but did fall into Codham near the mill when small, so put her off for life I guess.

Plus we also worked beside the women who worked in the fields in the holidays, picking up potatoes, pea picking, what have you, no doubt they would be in trouble for child labour today, but the pocket money we earned for helping our mothers pick, use to buy many a sweet at the local shop.

Guess best stop day dreaming and start some house work. Before I go, the first house down Water Hall Lane which is now much larger, my uncle and aunt stayed after coming from London when they started bombing it.

Stayed at No six in this row where we use to live, by this time most the brothers were in the forces so a little more space, till they bought the cottage and moved in, as they had a sweet shop in London they bought what they had left and sold them down at the cottage.
Wonder if any one would remember that, but guess most have forgotten that, all so long ago.

Reference –
Mr Brown's Boats:

Before Anglian Water extracted water from the River Pant it was a proper river, deep and wide with sailing and ferry boats operating near Codham Mill.

Sister- Married an airman from RAF Wethersfield in the 1950's, now lives in USA

1st Cottage in Water Hall Lane: 
Flint Cottage
Mr & Mrs Charles Reynolds sold the cottage after many years and moved to Panfield