Added Nov 2011

Just a Thank You

Shalford Parish Clerk

Dear Mrs Carlisle,

Have just found a short piece on your website concerning my great grandfather Guy Gilbey Gold posted by a Mr Harvey.


He died a couple of years before I was born and I know very little about him, so I found the article fascinating. I have to admit there was a lump In my throat when I read how he heard my grandfather's name read out among those from the parish killed in action in 1944.

Mr Harvey's description of the old school country gentleman is very much the way I imagined my great grandfather, and I am very much obliged to him for sharing his recollections.


Best wishes,

Tom Gold



Web Admin

Image has been supplied by Tom Gold that comes from photo graph albums recently discovered

As a reminder - Our village hall and playing fields were donated in trust to Shalford residents by Major & Mrs Guy G Gold in memory of their son lost in the war