Correspondence Received by Parish Clerk

Which may be relevant for Shalford Residents

Contact Details of senders may be removed to protect their privacy


Date Subject Matters Linked Document
28/01/2018 West Of Braintree Fight Fund 1801 Sercle Funding
13/11/17 West of Braintree Concept 1712 West of Braintree
09/03/17 Wild Life Park agreement 1703 Stoneley Park
07/02/17 Broadband White Spots 1702 Superfast Broadband
24/12/16 No Travellers Site 1612 Travellers Site
23/12/16 BDC West of Braintree 1612 Local Plan Update 
12/12/16 A120 Route Proposals 1612 A120 Map
09/12/16 Travellers Site on ECC land 1612 Stoneley Park 
05/12/16 Planning 6 Shalford Houses 1612 White Courts
21/11/16 Openreach Meeting Report 1611 BT Broadband