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Current to Friday 10 August 2018 from Braintree District Council

18/01228/FUL | Demolish existing building and erection of garage with self contained annexe at first floor level     | The Stables Jaspers Green Shalford Essex CM7 5AX1  Expiry Date Wed 15 Aug 2018 

18/01141/FUL | Proposed new northern access to Abbots Hall and grounds. | Abbots Hall Braintree Road Shalford Essex CM7 5HG Expiry Date Fri 20 Jul 2018

18/01124/FUL |  Demolition of dwelling and erection of 2No. detached dwellings with detached double garages with drive onto existing access. | White Court Braintree Road Shalford Essex CM7 5HF Expiry Date Thu 02 Aug 2018

18/01057/LBC | Demolition of existing single storey extension, external and internal works, erection of one and a half storey exension, erection of cartlodge.Coachmans Cottage Church End Shalford Essex CM7 5EZ  Expiry Date N/A 

18/00772/LBC | Replacement of thatched roof with period tiles. Replacement of wooden windows with wood effect pvc windows and change single glazing to double glazed units  |  Bellows Cottage Water Lane Shalford Essex CM7 4QX  Expiry Date  Thu 26 Jul 2018    

18/01169/DAC  |  Application for approval of details reserved by condition no. 3 of approved application 17/000873/FUL. | Stoneley Park House The Chase Shalford Essex CM7 5HH Expiry Date N/A

18/01118/NMA  | Application for a non-material amendment following grant of planning permission 16/01117/FUL - Use of natural stone in place of gravel in front of the cart lodge and gravel path to store at rear of cart lodge.| Kings Croft Jaspers Green Shalford Essex CM7 5AT Expiry Date N/A 

18/00706/LBC  |  Relocation of downstairs toilet from bootroom to utility room | Constables Cottage Shalford Green Shalford Essex CM7 5AZ - Expiry Date Thu 12 Jul 2018

18/00619/FUL | Retrospective application for remodelling of the landscaped grounds and for the creation of a new lake and the extension of an existing lake within the curtilage of Abbots Hall and drive realignment to the north west of the hall along with a new forecourt to the immediate north west of Abbots Hall and emplacement of ground source heating pipes and two associated ground source heat pumps in the western area of the site - Expiry Date Fri 15 Jun 2018 

18/00592/OUT Erection of one dwelling Land Opposite Jaspers Jaspers Green Shalford Essex - Expiry Date Fri 04 May 2018 - Application refused 21/05/2018

18/00445/FUL  |  Installation of air source heat pump. | Silver Barn Braintree Road Shalford Essex CM7 4QY - Expiry Date Thu 03 May 2018

18/00471/FUL  |  Conversion of barn to a dwelling. Erection of 2 bay cartlodge. Demolition of single storey building rear of house and erection of 1.5 storey rear extension with glazed link to house.| Nichols Farm Braintree Road Shalford Essex CM7 5HE - Expiry Date  Wed 25 Apr 2018

18/00368/DAC | Application for approval of details reserved by condition nos. 4, 5, 6, 7,10 & 11 of approved application 15/00641/FUL | Land Adjacent To Larchwood Church End Shalford Essex - Expiry Date N/A - Archaelogical report Added 

18/00278/REM | Reserved Matters application following Outline Planning Permission 15/01117/OUT. Erection of 4 no. detached dwellings and associated garages, car parking, landscaping and external works | White Court Braintree Road Shalford Essex CM7 5HF - Expiry Date  Thu 22 Mar 2018 - Revised paddock style fencing and tree height 27/03.2018        

18/00345/ECC  ! Consultation of Essex County Council application no.CC/BTE/04/18 - Erection of a relocatable classroom unit measuring 12m long x 8.3m wide (with an additional lobby section which measuring 3.0m x 3.6m) to replace existing classroom unit Shalford Primary School Church End Shalford Essex CM7 5EZ  - Expiry Date Not Available          

18/00001/ECCDAC Former Civic Amenity And Recycling Centre Braintree Road Shalford Essex Discharge of conditions - Expiry Date N/A

18/00234/FUL  Demolish existing building and erection of garage with self contained annexe at first floor level.

The Stables Jaspers Green Shalford Essex CM7 5AX - Expiry Date Wed 07 Mar 2018

18/00113/FUL  Erection of 6no. 3 bedroom dwellings, new access road, car parking and landscaping.

Land at Church End Church End Shalford - Expiry Date Tue 06 Mar 2018 - Approved 03/08/2018

18/00125/FUL Erection of terrace of 3no. dwellings, with associated parking - Application withdrawn 21/03/2018

Land Adjoining The Pent House The Street Shalford Essex - Expiry Date Wed 28 Feb 2018

18/00136/FUL Retrospective application for the retention of two glasshouses, one sited to the south of the existing manege, and one to the south of the Coach House

Abbots Hall Braintree Road Shalford Essex CM7 5HG - Expiry Date Tue 22 Feb 2018  

17/02133/FUL Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of two storey rear extension

Bindoo Jaspers Green Shalford Essex CM7 5AX - Expiry Date Fri 29 Dec 2017  

18/00080/VAR Application for variation of Condition 3 of approved application 08/01153/FUL - Use of Terne Coated stainless steel

St Andrews Church The Street Shalford Essex CM7 5HH - Expiry Date Thu 22 Feb 2018