Shalford Parish Council working documents

A PDF reader will be required to open any documents listed,  Adobe Reader can be obtained by visting - Visit Adobe 

Next Review Date | May 2019  

Action Plan | Ongoing actions for current year and plans for the future

Assets Register | Assets within Shalford

Code of Conduct | Support Shalford Parish Council in all aspects as a representative

Community Engagement | Give support to all village activities both financially and in person

Complaints Procedure | Service Users or Members of the Public

Councillors Training 2019 | Regular review for all councillors

Disciplinary Procedure | Councillors to maintain high standards

Financial Regulations | Ensure all financial regulations are adheared to

Grievance Procedure | Councillors Actions

Publication Policy | Government requirement - previously known as Freedom of Information

Recording Council Meetings | Recording & Use of Socail Media at Council Meetings

Retention Policy | Storage of Parish Council Records

Risk Review 2019 | Annual Review of possible risks on object and legal issues within the community

Standing Orders | Rules of Debate at Council Meetings 


Register of Councillors Interests | Web link to BDC web site to view individual councillors registered interests