Fees and Charges


The Recreation and Amenities Committee has resolved that there would be no increase in Garden of Remembrance fees for the year 2016/2017. The  charges listed below will therefore apply until the next review, April 2017


Garden of Remembrance

  Any  Interment of cremated remains:  £100.00
  Exclusive rights:  £150.00
  Any second interment:  £100.00
 Monuments  Stone for ashes plot:  £120.00
   For each inscription thereafter:    £70.00
   Rose bush (to plant on borders):                                £80.00
   Tree (to plant on borders):                                            £80.00
   Bench (at Parish Council’s discretion):                £200.00











The above fees are applicable to residents of the Parish of Sible Hedingham, and past residents who moved away less than 2 years prior to death.

The above fees will be doubled for non residents, except in the case of a second interment.

Fees are reviewed annually on April 1st.

For clarification or queries of any matter relating to the Garden of Remembrance, please contact the Parish Clerk, Mrs Glenda McCoyd on 01787 462568 or by email to: clerk@siblehedinghampc.org.uk



Parish Council Office Services

A4 Black & white photocopying: 50p per page

A3 copying also available

Colour copying: £1 per page


Postage: Charged at cost (Royal Mail standard, second class)

Statutory Fees: In accordance with relevant legislation

Clerk’s time: Charged in accordance with relevant legislation for FOI enquiries currently £25 per hour

CCTV data: Charged at cost


The above information complies with the Freedom of Information Act - Model Publication Scheme