Road Safety in Sible Hedingham


‘No Excuse’ Road Safety Campaign

The ‘no excuse’ road safety campaign was launched on 11 January which brings together police enforcement and road safety education to target routes and towns where crashes and casualties are known to occur.  The ‘no excuse’ campaign is being delivered by the Essex Casualty Reduction Board (ECRB), which includes Essex County Council, Essex Police, Essex Fire and Rescue Service, The Highways Agency and The East of England Ambulance Service.

Over the coming months ECRB partners will be running overt and covert enforcement operations and events, such as SAT days, all over Essex.  These events will target key poor driving behaviours including speeding, drink driving, the use of handheld mobile phones whilst driving and drivers and passengers who do not wear seatbelts.


Police Speed Survey in Sible Hedingham - 2011

Do you routinely break the 30mph speed limit through Sible Hedingham?  Sadly, many drivers do.  Click here to see the results of Essex Police's survey in Potter Street (Northbound), Potter Street (Southbound), Swan Street (Northbound), Swan Street (Southbound) .


Traffic Data 2015, courtesy of ECC

Lamb Lane

Innham Hill

Halstead Rd

Halstead Rd (2)

Rectory Rd

Southey Green

Swan St

Swan St (2)