How you can help

The first and most important thing that you can do, is to bring this free audio news service to the attention of anyone you know who has a visual impairment, or who cares for or is related to, someone who has that problem. Whether they are blind or partially sighted - if they can no longer read a newspaper themseves we can provide the with free weekly recordings of local, Southend, news. Phone us on 01702 898900.    Don't forget that it is a free service and that we can also provide a simple player without cost if necessary


Second, if you are a good, clear, reader, or fancy 'twiddling the knobs' (ie being a recording technician), or if you can help with some administration, we would like to hear from you. We cannot promise an immediate vacancy but those opportunities do arise and it would be good to talk.   Contact us on 01702 898900, or email


Third, of course, is money.  We offer a free service to listeners but obviously it does cost money to provide the discs, the wallets, and the equipment. Our volunteers meet all their own expenses and we have no paid staff. We are helped, of course, by many fine local groups and other charities and by individual donations.

If you are able to help us with a gift, whether large or small, please talk to us, or write to us at Southend Talking Newspaper, CAB, 1 Church Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex,  SS1 2AL. Thank you for thinking of us.


Southend Talking Newspaper is a registered charity number 280590