4 Satyananda Yoga workshops in Southend with Swami Nirmal Saraswati                               

 Swami Nirmal has been teaching yoga since 1985 having studied yoga over several years with Swami Satyananda in India. She has deep insight into the Satyananda yoga and meditation practices. Her interests include nada (sound) as a means of healing and harmonising, with prana (the life force) for balance and with mantra (sacred syllables). In 2009 she conducted 2 successful 6 month courses for yoga teachers of different traditions how to deliver the practice of Yoga Nidra. Swami Nirmal teaches with clarity and joy, in a compassionate and supportive way. She often uses her fine sense of humour.

April 10th Asana

This day is suitable for all levels of experience. The focus will be on asanas (postures) as a means to stretch and strenghthen the physical body, to work on internal organs and to balance the whole endocrine system as well as on balancing the nadis (channels of prana in the energy body) and therefore also harmonising the mind and the emotions.

May 29th Pranayama

Depending on our needs, different techniques can be used to balance the prana (the life force) in the system. We will explore some pranayama techniques and find out which ones to use in different life situations to experience harmony in our pranic system and to keep it at an optimum level.                                                         This will allow us to make informed choices to keep the whole system charged and balanced as well as rejuvenated. Some experience of working with the breath and the ability to sit still will be helpful.

August 14th Mudra and Bandha

Mudras (seals of happiness) and bandhas (locks) are considered an independent branch of yoga. They are working directly on the life force and each of them has a specific, subtle but powerful effect. Some of them are very simple and some quite complex. Some of them are used in pranayama and the meditative techniques to enhance there effect. This day is for those who have some experience of yoga practice.

September 11th Meditation

Meditation is the quintessence of yoga. We will explore some of the techniques which make the sublime experience of meditation more likely to take place. This day is suitable for those with some experience of yoga. In some practices you will be asked to sit still for about 15 – 20 minutes.

                                                                                                                                             The venue is the Unitarian meeting house,

                         Grange Gdns, SS1 2LL                          

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Days begin at 10.00am until 6.00pm

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Satyananda yoga in Southend at the Unitarian hall in
Grange gardens, off Southchurch road.

BWY, Satyananda Yoga accredited. Trained in Yoga for back pain, Cancer, HIV and AIDS, with the Yoga biomedical trust at the Yoga therapy centre London.

One to One and group sessions available.

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