This site has been created to report on progress in the formation of
a Parish Council for South Weald, Brentwood, Essex

On 10th July, 2006 a petition containing more than 270 signatures (just over the required
five per cent of the electorate), was handed over to Bob McLintock, Chief Executive
of Brentwood Borough Council.
This petition has been reviewed by the full Council and has been forwarded to the Department for the Environment for its approval.
It is believed that this could take up to a year and all who have an interest in a parish council
 for South Weald will find that during this period there will be little if any activity.
The Steering Committee would again like to express its gratitude to all those people
who have given their time and energy to collect the names required for the petition and
to all who have shown and expressed their support for the creation of a
Parish Council for South Weald.
Watch this space!

Rural South Weald



Regarded by many as the jewel in Brentwood's crown, records show that Weald Park, consisting of 500 acres of woods and open parkland, was used as long ago as the 11th Century as a hunting ground for deer and wild boar. Evidence has been found of an Iron Age settlement within the area as well as a Roman encampment.
Although enclosed in a compound in Weald Park, some of the fallow deer (pictured above), have escaped. These have bred and a huge number now run free throughout the surrounding countryside. Whilst this is regarded as a charming addition to the rural feel of South Weald, they are a hazard on the roads.


St Peter, South Weald

St Peter's Church

South Weald


St Peter's dates back to Norman times with its 16th Century clock tower containing a fine ring of eight bells in its bell chamber. The grade II listed church, set in the centre of the village, borders South Weald park and is open for services every day. Although dating back to the early 16th Century the church was extensively rebuilt in 1868 in keeping with the original plan.


The parish which pre-exists the much larger neighbouring town of Brentwood, is one of the ancient parishes of the area and in fact used to include the town of Brentwood.
This beautiful church is situated next to South Weald park which was the site of a manor house, home of Sir Anthony Browne, founder  in 1558, of Brentwood School. In 1563 he built the attractive almshouses in the village.

St Peter's Church



Below is just one of the pretty lanes that are typical of South Weald and which are threatened, as indeed are thousands of such lanes throughut the UK, with the blight of too many vehicles seeking alternative routes from the  highly congested main roads. Rat-running presents a problem for which there appears to be no solution. Some success has been achieved however, with the implementation of various traffic-calming methods.

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