Springfield Parish Council is governed by the following working documentation





To be reviewed in February 2018


To be reviewed in April 2017 


In accordance with the Localism Act 2011 Springfield Parish Council has adopted the

Chelmsford City Council model Code of Conduct.

To be reviewed in June 2017



The purpose of a Publication Scheme is to set out the types of information that the

Parish Council will make available as a matter of normal business routine; much of

this information will be shown on this website.  Information can be supplied in hard

copy on request at a nominal fee.  Any information not on the web site can be

requested and supplied either electronically or in hard copy.

To be reviewed in February 2018


For more detailed information on the Freedom of Information Act you can visit the ICO

website at: www.ico.org.uk



 To be reviewed in June 2017

  •  End of Year Accounts


2013 - 2016


2016 - 2021


To be reviewed in June 2017 


To be reveiwed in November 2017


To be reviewed in November 2017


 Information Commissioner Office Registration