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The Association exists to promote and safeguard the interests of residents, and to improve amenities. It is entirely non-sectarian, non-political and non-profit making. The more members we have, the greater weight we carry in dealings with the authorities.

How to join

Contact our Membership Secretary Michael Francis, Heathersett,Stanway Green, Colchester CO3 0RA,Tel: 01206 330286 and email  Membership  is FREE.

 NEWS   Our 2016 Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, 15th September 2016 in the Committee Room of Stanway Village Hall, Villa Road, Stanway, commencing at 7.30pm. Our Committee needs new members.

Residents in the Lakelands area have been objecting for several months to an application for several 2-storey affordable homes to be built near the entrance to Lakelands on an area of land that was originally designated as public open space.Stanway Residents Association support their cause. The application will come before the Planning Committee of Colchester Borough Council on Friday,25th August. If you support the residents and wish to attend that meeting please let Katy Adams know (email 

LOOK MAGAZINE : The April 2015 edition contained an article about the Assciation.

Western Bypass. The bypass road is open and lots of redevelopment around Tollgate and Lakelands is under way. We now need to review the whole infrastructure around Tollgate in particular but also for Stanway as a Parish.With increasing housing development planned in our area it is essential for residents to have their say about the future of Stanway.

Our 2015 Annual General Meeting was held at 7.30pm on 15th October. The existing officers and committee membership were re-elected/appointed.

Chairman's report presented at the AGM :-


Welcome everyone to the Stanway Residents Association Annual General Meeting - many thanks for attending and showing your support for the organisation.




As usual I would like to start by thanking the members of the committee who have over the past year given up their free time committing to being involved in the running and direction of the Association. All the committee members are unpaid volunteers and I am well aware of the demands made upon their time by various other commitments they may have. I am grateful for their efforts of another year for the general good of the residents of Stanway..




So what have been the achievements of the past year – well I guess it


depends on your perspective of what we as an organisation are about. Nothing has changed my mind over the past year that our role within the community is not the, ‘first link with officialdom’ to hopefully get things done that residents want and monitor the, ‘bigger picture’ of matters that maybe outside our remit but we should know about and comment on or contribute to - if it is appropriate.




In the past year we renewed our membership of NORA the National Organisation of Residents Associations and continue to be updated on issues that could affect us and any other Residents Association from a national or regional perspective.




We have raised the profile of the SRA with Quiz Nights on 29th November 2013 and again on 15th March this year which were deemed a success and generated much welcomed income for the organisation. It’s only correct to thank Stanway Rovers Football Club for their continued support and allowing us free use of their facilities to hold the Quizzes and can I take this opportunity to remind you that the ‘Autumn Quiz Night’ takes place on Saturday 4th October where you are all welcome to attend.




We again have representatives that attend NAPS (Neighbourhood Action Panels) and report back on anything that may affect the residents of Stanway with regards to the SRA to recruit members and raise the organisations profile.


As a result of the personal effort of committee member Tony Sullivan contact was made with Sainsbury’s and permission given for SRA members to canvass shoppers at the store with regards to the Stanway Parish Plan Consultation (Section 106 funds). Many forms were completed and 16 new members recruited – well done to him!




There has also been a good suggestion from Chris Farndell of a circular Stanway Parish Walk – identifying interesting parts of the Parish as part of a recognised ‘walk’ This idea is in its infancy but Bob Wopling is to pursue the idea with the Parish Council – another good example of the SRA working.




Last year I mentioned that we had collaborated with the Parish Council and agreed to distribute salt in any icy weather conditions on behalf of them. Unfortunately their interpretation of the ‘rules’ of us carrying out that function rendered our agreement untenable and we had to withdraw our support. Fortunately the mild winter meant that we would not have been used in any event. There has been no similar approach by the P.C. this year. However we continue to maintain links with them supporting them with SRA representation at the Community Days that are arranged but although I was unable to attend this year’s event I understand that attendance figures were despairingly very low indeed?




We continue to monitor the activities of the Borough Council with regards to Stanway and identify areas that need attention including pot-holes and overgrown foliage. Thankfully some road repairs have been carried out although obviously well overdue and much more needs to done considering the state of the road infrastructure - we will keep the pressure on. The hedge along the London Road at the junction with Villa Road has finally been cut back after much campaigning but the result won’t last long as ‘Stanway Rangers’ were deployed to that task who can only use had tools and work at restricted heights! The completely obscured signpost there is finally uncovered – but for how long? I maintain my liaison with local councillors especially Lesley Scott-Boutell who is a keen supporter of the SRA.




I am not personally aware of any specific litter problems within the Stanway area and there have been no organised SRA litter-picks so far this year although I personally continue to carry out a ‘routine’ litter pick in the Holly Road area sporadically, as and when, it is needed.




I have plans to carry out a hedge /foliage cut-back along the footpath between Holly and Blackberry roads on Sunday 5th October for those of you who would like to join me.




I am pleased to report that one of the goals of last year has been achieved with the membership breaking into three figures and now stand at 107 – and increase of 21 on last year! Of course with the thousands of people who live in Stanway we need many more!




I still need to fine tune my IT skills regarding the SRA website and if re-elected will make that a priority – regular communication with our membership and an up to date website has to be a priority.




Unfortunately there has been no progress with my desire to see a new ‘Stanway’ road sign on the route into Stanway via the A12 but again that will be a priority for me into the New Year.




I again also see next year producing more challenges for the SRA as austere local authority budget restrictions bite deeper producing no doubt a further reduced service from them and potentially further demands being made on our organisation.




If you want to be involved with a forward thinking group of people then you are most welcome to join us. 




I am prepared to stand for another term of Chair – should I have the necessary support.




Thank you very much.


 Steve Hunt



 ANY LOCAL ISSUES?  If a resident has any local problem which the Association might be able to help with, eg traffic problems, planning application objections,etc which can be raised with the Local Authorities please contact our Secretary: Bob Wopling, 2 Gorse Way, Stanway (Tel 01206 330463).




Contact Information

Heathersett, Stanway Green,

01206 330286