Our Horses






Barbaroosa has a short or nick name of :  "Roosa".
He is 15.3 Hands high.
He is a chestnut gelding with a white star.
He is 13 years old, born about 1986 and was sired by an amazing Hannovarian called Gotz. His dam was our dear old Shannagh who is no longer with us.
He used to have a few behaviour problems and he was quite bolshy and boisterous and he is the boss of the field. He has recently shown dramatic improvement in his behaviour with the help of a horse behaviourist who also got him back under saddle and he has come along well. He is now a good and well behaved boy, but still has some way to go to be on best behaviour. Thanks for this must go to Amy who looks after him very well. He is sometimes hard to catch and he would kick out when he is upset or is let back out in the field, but some of this seems to have stopped now.
His field buddy is Bess, his best friend. However, Roosa is the dominent one. They are inseperable, which used to be a nightmare for us, but now they are both improving with this too. Once relaxed, he can be as soppy as the next one. He absolutely loves his rear end being scratched. He also gets on well with Prince. Roosa is ridden quite often, mainly by Amy.
Barbaroosa is loaned and ridden by Amy.



Bombay is 12.1 Hands high.
He is a male gelding black and white Exmoor Cob cross, mainly the latter.
Bombay looks very similar to Pickle.
He has been ridden immediately before he came to us and we ride him occasionally. We will try to ride him more next summer, 2015 when we see his progress and his rideability.
Bombay has Cushings Disease and he did have Laminitis.
Bombay came to our refuge from land in Brays Lane near Ashingdon and Canewdon in August 2014 aged 14 years.
Bombay is a very nice and friendly horse. He has made friends with Toby.
Further details about Bombay and a photo of him will be added soon.



Chico is about 15 Hands high.
He is a coloured gelding.
Chico is a new arrival at Saint Mary's. He came to us about 2013
He was about 12 years old when he arrived.
He is quite a gentle horse. However, he does have behavioural problems.
He is being well looked after, he has been settling in well and he is being trained, but, he cannot been ridden.



Jake has a show name of :  "Midnight Rebel".
He is 14.2 Hands high.
He is believed to be a Welsh Section D / Shire Fell cross Cob, a black gelding with a white blaze on his face and a single white sock on his left hind leg.
We think he is a Welsh section D or a shire fell cross, because he is very heavy boned with lots of feather. He is 20 years old and has been with us for 18 years. We rescued him from the back of a lorry as an unwanted 2yr old. He was on the way to slaughterers !  Since we have had Jake, he has brought many laughs and many mishaps.
He is very strong and can be hard work, he is a good riding horse. He came 5th in the Fancy Dress category, ridden and prepared by Kirsty Ainsley for the Christmas Cracker equestrian event at Shoplands Hall in late 2008.
Being the size he is, we tried to brake him in for driving, but he was too unpredictable and too strong. He is good to ride, and jumps well, although, he can be a lazy git sometimes. He is very inquisitive - if he sees somebody with a carrier bag, a bucket, a pram, or you name it, he will go and have a look!
He has been known to wander up peoples' driveways to have a nose around! He has a fantastic jump and he has been known to jump fences and gates as big as he is from a standstill... This has caused us lots of problems, because, if we need to rotate fields, he will somehow manage to get out. So, now he has to stay at our main field which has very high fences and is secure enough to keep him in, although, he still wanders from paddock to paddock as he pleases, leaving behind broken fences and gates! We think he is too intelligent for his own good sometimes. He can undo ropes and he cuts string with his teeth. He can open gate latches and catches, he pushes fences down, he brakes posts, he will run through, he rolls under or jumps electric fencing. He causes more mischief than all the others put together! You cant leave coats or bikes anywhere near him, he will demolish them. He can take off his own rugs. He will let other horses out of their fields and stables; and, he also likes to vandalise cars. He sees everything as a personal challenge to overcome!!
Jake suffers COPD along with some of our other rescues and he has to be kept off the hay. Unlike most of our other rescues, he loves his teeth being filed by the equine dentist. He is brave and can be a bit menacing and will keep strangers out of the field. So, he is like our very own guard horse!!!
Although he is a lot of trouble and very hard work, sometimes, the place would not be the same without him!  He is a very important resident, he is well liked and is loaned by Marian and her twin daughters Kirsty and Lauren who ride him several times per week.



Mercy is a resident horse at Saint Mary's Horse Refuge, but she has been loaned to Caz - Caroline Davill, who was one of our long term volunteer helpers and until recently, a trustee on the Board of our charity. Caz pays for Mercy's feed, medicaments and vet bills as well as helping out with the other horses in Saint Mary's Horse Refuge. Mercy used to stay in our second field near Clements Hall until it was cleared due to house-building.
Mercy is a 4 year old dark palamino chestnut mare, 15.1 Hands high and still growing. She has a white mane, nearly white tail, a small white star and a small white snip on her face.
Mercy is a Comtois, a French breed of heavy or draft horse, originally bred and used in the Franche Comté near Vosges and in the Jura near Switzerland. They are used today in the Massif Central for logging and in vineyards in France.
Although she is already one of the largest horses at Saint Mary's, she really is just a baby, she arrived at a little over 2 years old and she has still been growing.
Mercy was rescued 3 years ago from a fattening farm in France in the Vosges - Department 88, in the eastern part of France called Lorraine near Alsace. Also in Vosges is Domremy, the home of Saint Joan of Arc. Caz became aware of the plight of Mercy via a website in France and agreed with the farmer to pay the "meat" price of £660 for Mercy, the same price that she would have been sold for if she had gone to slaughter. We are very grateful for that farmer's kind cooperation.
Caz also arranged through a very helpful and sympathetic British road transport company to ship her to England. They charged only the bare cost of £500 for transport. They are aware of what happens to horses raised on The Continent for food - meat - and they go out of their way to provide low costs only transport for bringing horses to new British and Irish owners when they have empty return journeys or space left with part loads.
Mercy arrived totally unhandled as an 18 months old foal. She had a swollen and sore eye, so the vet checked her over and after a few weeks of treatment, found that the eye's lens had detached, possibly because of a blow to her head during her upbringing. Regrettably, her eye had to be removed and so now she has an empty eye socket, but she does not seem to be affected by it and the vet has confirmed that having an eye removed will not affect her in any way.
Mercy is a dream to handle considering where she came from and what she has been through. She is coping well already and Caz has just started to long-line her, but they are taking it slowly because, in spite of her size, she is still only a baby and Caz wants Mercy to enjoy her freedom that she gained since she came here. Mercy's best friend is Louis, another horse kept at Saint Mary's but belonging to another of our helpers.
Mercy is a very placid, timid, gentle and adorable horse who loves cuddles and likes to look in pockets. She will follow you wherever you go. Caz is looking forward to eventually riding and driving her when she is old enough. She is still too young, now only 2 and not fully grown and formed. Caz will start breaking her in when she is about 3, when her spine has started to fuse, then turn her away for 1 more year to finish growing up, by which time she will be quite a giant and ready for riding and for driving carriages.
The website in France which was dedicated to finding new owners to rescue horses destined to become meat was :   www.equinesection.com .  That site now appears to be unobtainable.  Although, now   www.frenchsequinerehabilitationcentre.co.uk   and   www.equinerescuefrance.org  provide a similar medium for these topics.
Caz - Caroline Davill is willing to advise and help anyone interested in buying, rescuing and saving a horse from the slaughterhouse and she will help with details on bringing a horse from The Continent to the British Isles.  You can contact Caz on her email :  cazdavill at hotmail . co . uk



Parsley is a new boy, a gelding who arrived in mid October 2010.
He is grey and white and looks very striking.
Parsley is 14 Hands high and he is just over 16 years old.
He has a leg problem and he needed his teeth filed, which we have done some time ago.



Pickle is a male bay Dartmoor pony.
He is 11.1 Hands high and he is 12 years old.
He has a white star on his face.
Pickle has a strong personality with big attitude and when ridden, he tends to buck and rear. He jumps well, and he loves cuddles.
Pickle particularly likes Splash.
Pickle came 1st in the Handy Pony category, ridden and prepare. He is loaned by Lauren Ainsley and he took part in the Christmas Cracker equestrian event at Shoplands Hall in late 2008.



Prince has a full name of :  "Fairline Prince Regent".
Prince is 15.3 Hands high. His age is over 16 years old.
He is a Welsh Section D Cross bay gelding with no white markings, but has a black mane and a black tail.
His father was "Magic" a Welsh Section D horse, another of our St. Mary's horses.
Prince has a delightful bay colour and he came to us many years ago with Bess in 1989. He is a good friend of Barbaroosa and was a good friend of Zebedee, who passed away in 2012.
Prince loves to eat and he has a habit of biting people. 
Prince is reasonably fit and he is normally capable of being ridden, but he is ridden less often now because of some minor health problems.
Prince was loaned and ridden by Lauren, Danielle's sister. Danielle also helped look after Prince and so did Candice when she was not busy with Rhia, Mercy and Louis. Lauren left to look after her own horse at another stables near Southend, so we miss her and her valuable help.



Splash had another name :  "Gretta" and a show name of :  "Fairline Tropical Paradise", but Splash suited her better because of her colouring - and we were unaware of her original names until 2 or 3 years after we acquired her.
She is 11.2 Hands high.
She is a Welsh Section A skewbald roan / dun mare.
She is 14 years old.
She has a white face and she has beautiful blue eyes - which is very uncommon for a horse.
Splash is a sweet little horse, quite tiny and cute. She looks harmless, but sometimes she bites.
She is quite a small pony, the smallest that we have at St. Mary's, but she has a huge personality.
If she is challenged by other horses, she will stand up for herself and give a good fight against some much bigger horses.
Splash is quite a flirt with the boys, she is attractive and popular.
Splash is good to ride and is ridden quite often, but mostly stays in the paddock and eats hay instead of grazing in the meadows. We are not sure what she did before she came to us, so we treat as being a bit "green" and beleive she needs more training. She had been kept alone in a back garden with little to do.
She has COPD and she is very prone to laminitis even on founderguard. As a result, she has been out of "work" for more than a year. But, now she seems to have improved and we hope to get her back to work.

Splash is loaned and ridden by Rosie, who also loans Crystal.



Toby is a grey gelding.
He is 13.2 Hands high.
He has a pleasant nature but he does tend to panic rather a lot for no reason.
He is over 17 years old and came to us in December 2009.
He was previously a good show pony, but he is now retired.
The owner had to give Toby to us because there was no home for him.
He has settled in well at Saint Mary's and has already made a good relationship with Mandi.
He has a laminitic sarcoid on his belly, otherwise he is healthy.



Treacle is a 15.0 Hands high Comtois heavy horse mare.
Treacle is adorable, she has a pleasant nature and in spite of her large size, she behaves well and is good fun to handle - she is enormous, being a Comtois, one of the farming heavy horse breeds - from France.
Treacle was 7 years old and came to us in December 2009.
The owner had to find a new home for her because it was discovered she was suffering from severe sight problems. She has night blindness. She cannot see at all at night, in dark or dusk conditions and even in daytime, she can see very little and she has permnently reduced sight.
Treacle has settled in very well at Saint Mary's and she made a good close friendship with our other Comtois - Caroline Davill's ever-growing foal Mercy. But Treacle now misses Mercy since she left us in late Summer 2014.




We have some frequent visitors to Saint Mary's and one of those is Cameo who belongs to Carolyn Blankfield.


Cameo has a show name of :  "Sylton Silver Lad".
Because the Saint Mary's Refuge horses are mostly elderly and infirm, their beautiful friend and frequent visitor - Cameo, a Welsh Section D Cob, 15.2 Hands high palamino gelding sometimes visits to enable people to ride - as he did at the last Saint Mary's Summer Shows.
Cameo behaved impeccably while taking children as young as 4 years age, novices and adults on pony rides around the Refuge's fields. This was a popular attraction and over £25 was raised by him for the charity.
Carolyn's daughter Vanessa is one of our helpers and she often rides Cameo.
Carolyn is also selling tack and in particular some excellent saddles to raise money for the treatment of another unfortunate horse which was badly injured by having its face almost kicked off by another horse.
Anyone who would like to buy a saddle and other tack or to contribute towards the vets bills and treatment can call Carolyn on :  01702 547185 or by text on 07855  535049.



Louis is another horse who was kept at Saint Mary's for a long time in our second field in Clements Hall Way near Clements Hall Sports Centre. We no longer use that field and all of the horses kept there were moved to our main refuge fields in Windsor Gardens.
Even though he stayed a long time at our refuge, Louis belonged to one of our willing helpers - Jenny. He did not belong to us but he always stayed with us and enjoyed the company of other St Mary's horses.
He is still quite young and was being trained, so he had not been ridden much until a few years ago.
Louis has been re-homed and so Jenny moved him on to new pastures.




Our resident dog at Saint Mary's Horse Refuge is Casper who is really Digby's own dog. Casper is always there with Digby and he is a good natured dog who enjoys the company of the horses and of all the willing helpers caring for the horses. He will gladly sit down flat on his tummy with paws forward looking patiently and with interest at whatever we are doing.






Aramis was 14.3 Hands high  was often called "Arry", he was a male Haflinger palamino gelding. He was a golden and light brown colour with a white main and tail.
Arry had been owned and well looked after since he was a foal and had been ridden for many years, but his owner died of cancer over Christmas 2012 and he then became in need of more intense care, grooming and feeding. Aramis came to our refuge in July 2013 aged about 29 very thin not well fed. Since then, he received much more constant care and he was being fed three times per day to get his weight and strength back to normal. In fact, he put on a good deal of weight.
Arry was being well looked after by our charity and he put on much weight since he arrived. However, he did have a couple of spells of ill health caused by an intestinal disorder that he had suffered.
Aramis made a good and close friendship with Magic.
Aramis had Cushings Disease and he was very thin and had flat soles, so he needed to have special shoes on his front hooves.
Sadly, Aramis died in May 2016 aged 31 after suffering from an intestinal stricture.



Astra was 14.2 Hands high pure Arab grey mare. She was the daughter of our pure Arab horse (later gelding) - Muzzero (Muzzie).
Astra was one of our prettiest horses. She was about 24 years old when she died and came to us about 11 years ago, about 3 years before her father Muzzie came.
She came to St Mary's because her owner could not cope with her care due to worsening health.
She used to be a grumpy and difficult resident with a lot of moody mare faces and she had problems with her back legs.
We found a permanenet foster home for Astra with Nikki. This gave Astra a new home and a new lease of life. She was enjoying the attention and she enjoyed the regular exercise and she often competed in local gymkhanas. She was often quite marish, but since going to her new home with Nikki, she bonded well with her and Astra became a lot less moody. She behaved well and was happy. We were happy too that she had settled into her lovely new home. We heard news very often about what she was doing and how she was enjoying her life until her early death.



Becky was a 13.1 Hands high New Forest chestnut mare. She had been with us longer than most, but broke a leg on Christmas Day 2007 and is no longer with us. Becky is greatly missed by all. She was about 27 years old and had been with us for over 24 years. She was given to us because she had become fat, had outgrown the family's children and was unwanted.
She did everything very well, she was a brilliant jumper, she performed well, she would clear up the prizes and rosettes at gymkhanas and she was also good at driving a carrriage.
Becky suffered from COPD and could not eat hay and needed limited grazing. She could not be stabled due to the dusty air. She had to be fed haylage. She also suffered from laminitis. Consequently, she needed a special diet. Otherwise, she would put on weight very quickly.
Becky had a good personality, she was quite cheeky and was difficult to catch, unless you had some food. After eating the food, she would then run off, even if you were leading her.
She had a party trick when it came to her favourite drinks, especially Coca-Cola . She was able to drink from the cans. She would pick them up with her mouth, from wherever they were left by her carers, then up-end the cans in her mouth and gulp it all down.



Bess died on 12th December 2008, we believe as a result of intestinal problems. She was a 16.2 Hands high Welsh Section D cross iron grey dapple mare. She had the show name of :  "Fairline Baroness". She was 12 years old and came to us unhandled with Prince about 1989, about 8 years before shw died. She was more forward going than Prince and soon became over-powering and marish. She also seemed to fill out overnight and was built like a tank and used that to her advantage. She had some remedial training done by a horse behaviourist and her manners improved and as a result was no longer difficult. She used to be quite naughty while being tacked-up, but she got better and only gave a few occasional bucks when being ridden. She was besotted with her friend Barbaroosa. But, we got them used to being apart, so it became easier for them when we did work them apart. Bess was ridden often mainly by Sharon who loaned her. She will be missed by all of us and especially by Barbaroosa and Sharon.



Brownie died in Late March 2008 after suffering a very rare illness - Hyper Parathyroidism.



Cedar was rescued from a field where she was up to her knees in mud.
She was only with us a few years when she died from colic. The cause was not known and we felt very sad at her sudden and inexplicable loss.



Crystal was the show name of :  "Fairline Criss-cross".
Crystal was 13.1 Hands high.
She was a Welsh and Arab cross bay mare with a white stripe on her face. She was marked with the No. 1BD5.
She was 28 years old when she died in late July 2012 and she came to us about 22 years ago when she was about 6 years old.
Before she came to us, she had a foal named Opal who sadly broke her leg and had to be put to sleep.
Crystal came to us as unrideable and she was completely unpredictable, especially when in season.
After coming to us, she went through a lot of training and quietened down. Eventually, her unpredictability disappeared and she became a true professional at jumping. She had a very good carer who trained her for riding and jumping and took her to many jumping shows where she won everything. Later, she suffered from sarcoids on her legs and on her belly. Fortunately, they disappeared a few years ago. She became safe to ride and she rode well, although she always got a bit nervous when buses approached. She definitely chilled with old age.
Crystal was the best friend of Heaven although, Crystal was the more dominant of the two.
Crystal suffered from a touch of arthiritis in a hind leg, but, fortunately that did not bother her much in her later years.
Crystal could no longer be ridden for quite a while and was retired.

Crystal was loaned by Rosie.



Heaven was 12.3 Hands high.
She was a fox dun / bay mare with a delightful light brown chestnut colouring.
She was marked with the No. 1BD6. We are not sure what her breed was, but she resembled a small thoroughbred horse.
She was a very beautiful 33 years old lady when she died in late July 2012. She had been with us for over 20 years.
When she arrived at St. Mary's, she was very much overweight and we believe she had also been starved. She was difficult to handle and was a nightmare to ride when she was younger. But, she became well mannered with no more naughtiness - most of the time. After training, she developed excellent jumping skills and was a very fast runner. She was frightened of dogs, except Casper. She was like a devil when she saw or smelled food. She was very protective of it  and she would not let any other horse get near her when food was about. We believe that related to when she was starved as a youngster before we acquired her.
She suffered from COPD like many of our rescued horses. She also suffered from cushings and she was prone to laminitis. She had to be fed on haylage and she had to be kept restricted grazing all year round.
She appeared at our summer shows with her helper Shauna. They entered her in the fancy dress class - both looking very bright and very silly - what was that all about ?
She was a cheeky little pony who loved being handled and loved grooming. She would often rub her head on our carers. She used to enjoy being ridden by our carers. She was a good friend of Crystal.
For some time before she died, Heaven can no longer be ridden and was retired.
Heaven was being loaned by Lauren, Kirsould's twin sister (who loans Jake), but no longer.



Holly became ill in April 2006 from chronic diarrhoea and weight loss. Lots of tests were carried out by the vet and it took some time before they diagnosed it as lymphoma cancer. Unfortunately, it is terminal so there was nothing that can be done for her. She was on an anti-inflammatory drug which made things more comfortable for her and she seemed fine, still eating, drinking and looking happy although tired. She was even able to canter around the field with James. We were giving her as much love and attention possible in her remaining time left and we did not let her suffer. Sophie, our young helper had been doing a fantastic job of looking after Holly, cleaning her daily and really making a fuss of her. She died in August 2008. It was very hard for all of us, but especially for Sophie when we had to say goodbye. Holly had been a pleasure to look after all those years and wel all miss her terribly.



James was 17.1 Hands high and he was a gentle giant.
He was an excellent three day eventer.
Sadly, he developed cancer and even after two operations, it spread to his spine and we lost him.



Kezzie was a palomino Arab Cross brood mare. She had a white blaze.
She was 14.3 Hands high and was 26 years old when she died.
She came to us not so long ago broken. But, she was too much for her young rider to handle.
She had leg problems and laminitis and may have suffered from arthritis. She was retired and spent most of her time with her best friend Muzzy. She was a lovely natured animal who loved attention which included a good all over massage. Kezzie had not been ridden for quite some time.
Kezzie died in January 2010 as a result of a broken leg. She will be missed by all, but especially by Lauren who mostly looked after her.



Lady was a bay mare who returned to us at Saint Mary's in late September 2010.
Lady was 15.3 Hands high and was an elegant horse.
She was over 30 years old when she died in February 2018.
Lady is related to Prince, another of our horses.
Lady was one of our Saint Mary's Refuge resident horses many years ago.
She went out on loan about 10 years ago aged about 15 and remained with the foster parents until she had to return home to us.
Lady had been healthy, but her only observation was a lump on her head.
In November 2013, Lady suffered an injury and cuts to her legs when she became frightened and distressed with the massive explosions, immense noise and frightening flashes of light caused by fireworks. She needed her wounds cleaned, dressed and she had costly veterinary care. She was confined to a stable for a while, but she had been improving since then.
She finally fell ill and died prematurely in late February 2018.



Lilac wa also called :  "Lilly". She was our eldest resident, born in 1974 and at the age of 32, she was still going strong and certainly did not look nor act her age. So it was a huge shock when she became ill early one morning in May 2006 with colic and the vet was called straight away. Unfortunately, her condition deteriorated very rapidly due to her having a twisted gut and the inevitable decision was made that she had to be put to sleep. Although she was had been in good health, at the old age of 32, it was advised by our vet she would not survive an operation even if she got to surgery. It was terribly sad to let her go and she has been missed immensely. The refuge is not the same without her.Lilac was one of the two horses ridden to the official opening of our first charity shop opened by Councillor Peter Webster, Chairman of Rochford District Council on 18th February 2006, so she died only a few weeks later.



Magic was a Saint Mary's Refuge horse who left us on loan but returned to us permanently in September 2008.
Magic was 15.1 Hands high.
He was a Welsh section D bay gelding, but was a stallion until a few years ago.
He was light brown with a white stripe on his face and white socks on both of his right legs.
He was over 30 years old by the time he died. He came to us in the mid 2000s undernourished but, after after arriving at our refuge, he was eating very well.
He was well behaved and he had sired some of our horses. He is the father of our Bess, Prince and Zebedee and he loved Splash, Heaven and Crystal.
Magic was able to be ridden occasionally after returning, but not for much longer, even though he seemed to like it. Magic was retired and he had returned to spend his time with his good friends and his offspring.and he was one of our oldest horses - an elderly gentleman in his late 20s when he died in May 2017. 



Mandi was a 15.3 Hands high thoroughbred bay mare.
She had a lovely nature and was a good trotter, but was very difficult to ride.
When ridden, she would canter almost sideways. She was difficult to stop, as if she had no brakes, she just wanted to continue moving.
She came to us in December 2009 and died in Early 2015 aged about 28.
She had leg problems, possibly why she moved sideways.
Mandi's owner had lost employment and also lost the stables to keep her in and with much regret had to find a new home for her, so, she came to us.
She settled in well at Saint Mary's and she soon made a good relationship with Toby who arrived at nearly the same time as Mandi.



Muzzie has the full Arabic name of :  "Muzzero". His name may be based on :  ﻤﺰﻴﺔ  -  Muzziya which means "excellence" or "virtue".
Muzzie is a 14.3 Hands high pure Arab grey gelding, almost white - when clean and no marks.
He is a retired dressage pony well behaved and he enjoys being groomed by our carers. He always gets frequent visits from his previous owner and both Muzzie and she enjoy the visits together and Muzzie loves the fuss.
Muzzie has a lovely nature, he has always been a boy at heart and is quite strong, even at his good age. He enjoys living his days in the field with his friends and used to spend most of his time with his best friend Kezzie, until Kezzie died in January 2010.
Muzzie is one of our oldest horses - an elderly gentleman of well about 38 years of age, long since retired.
He was the sire of another of our Pure Arabs - Astra.
Muzzie came to us about 9 years ago in 2001 because his owner was unable to cope with him due to serious illness.



Opal was a Welsh / Arab cross.
Opal came to us with her mother Crystal about 20 years ago while still a young foal.
But regrettably, she broke a leg and we lost her not long arriving at St Mary's.



Rhia had a full name of :  "Rhianna".
She was 14.0 Hands high and was a little over 20 years old when she died.
She was a Welsh Section C chestnut mare and very beautiful and elegant.
She had a white stripe on her face, a white sock on her rear left leg and had a long fox-like tail.
Rhia came to us about 2006 aged about 12 with a leg problem and laminitis. Her leg got better, but she was still prone to laminitis even on Founderguard.
She could be very dominant at times, a bit of a bully and she was very impatient about everything, although she was quite calm when ridden, she enjoyed cuddles and she would roll a lot on the grass and in the mud.
Rhia used to be kept at our other field about a half a mile away near the Clements Hall Sports Centre until it was cleared for house-building.  Rhia came 5th in the Tack and Turnout category, she was ridden and prepared by Candice Daisley for the Christmas Cracker equestrian event at Shoplands Hall in late 2008.
Rhia was loaned by Caz - Caroline Davill who also owns Mercy. Candice also helped to care for Rhia.



Shannagh was our lovely old mare who was well into her 30's when we sadly lost her in 2004. She had been with us a long time and was dearly loved. She was the mother of Barbaroosa, one of our favourites. We show a delightful picture of Shannagh as a proud mother with her tiny foal Barbaroosa.



Tigger was well into his 30s when he died.
We believe Tigger was the first horse to be rescued by our founder - Digby Saunders. 
Tigger is the delightful and beautiful white horse shown as our Home Page emblem.



Velvet was a fairly new arrival at Saint Mary's Horse Refuge.

Velvet was a Welsh cob who we received in 2010.

We plan to add more about Velvet with details of her story soon.

Sadly, she died in February 2016 after she had been suffering from artritus which caused he discomfort and pain in the neck.



Zebedee was 14.2 Hands high.
He was a Welsh Section D Cross bay gelding.
He had a white blaze on his face and white socks on his legs.
His age was about 18 years old.
Zebedee came to us as a driving pony who had not been ridden. Initially, he could not be ridden and he threw people off quite regularly. In recent times, he was well behaved, except that he would escape through insecure fencing. He liked to lick. He went to shows and did very well in them. He was a good friend of Prince. Zebedee was one of the two horses ridden to the official opening of our first charity shop - opened by Councillor Peter Webster, Chairman of Rochford District Council on 18th February 2006.  Zebedee was still ridden quite often in recent times.
He died in late July 2012 within days of 2 others dying, the saddest period we have experienced.
Zebedee was loaned by Catherine, but was loved and also cared for by Danielle.