St Peter's church Gt Totham Bible Study Group - Review of 2016

Bible (1)

     We began the year with our study of Paul's letter to the Ephesians, surely one of the most encouraging books in the entire Bible.

     We followed this with Philippians before an exciting 5-week Lent Course entitled "The Nail" written by our very own Bishop Stephen. We were each given a crude iron nail which we used to confront what might have been our attitude before the cross. Very powerful. 

     We have been blessed to have "new boy" Roy joined us from Tolleshunt Darcy but bid a fond farewell to Sara, our loyal, thoughtful member.

     After our Easter Study we decided to continue with Paul's epistles, the two books of Thessalonians. We again, found Paul to be a most thought-provoking writer!

     Early Summer we fancied a change and settled on the two letters penned by our beloved Patron Saint, Peter. What a remarkable character Peter was. Easy for us to identify with such a colourful character who was often un-predictable and in-consistent.

     We had our usual long summer break which gives our brains a chance to recover and have time to reflect on all we have learned. "Much learning is driving you mad" as King Festus said to Paul on one occasion!

     And then, an in-depth study of the Gospel of Mark. A wonderful Gospel which is highly recommended to be read by new converts to the Christian faith. 

     It then seemed time for a topical study, so the wide and important subject of prayer was chosen. Following this, it felt right to find an example of a person who was known for their prayer-life so the Old Testament character Nehemiah fitted the bill perfectly.

     As we look towards Advent we have planned to study angels.

    Suggested new  studies for 2017 include a look at the Fruits of the Spirit and Decisions: How to find God's will, both in the Scripture Union LifeBuilder study series.

     We meet Wednesday mornings at 10.30 - 12.00 at The Honywood, Hall Road,

     Great Totham (South). Bible Study is rewarding and can be fun too!

     Contact me for further details: Paul Smith (01621) 893153 or