St Peter's church Gt Totham Bible Study Group - Review of 2016

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Annual Report 2017 

The Bible Study Group meet on Wednesday mornings in the Honywood Hall 10.30 a.m and studied a variety of topics including a series “Popular Parables” & “Tell Me The Stories of Jesus”. For Lent we used Bishop Stephen's “The Nail” book as our guide, visualising our culpability for Christ's death while holding a crude masonry nail. 

As it was the 500th anniversary of The Reformation we looked at the impact Martin Luther had on the church in Great Britain.

 At Christmas we examined Characters Around The Crib, creatively imagining ourselves being personally involved – challenging! 

 In 2018 we would like to do some character studies and look forward again to a special Lent / Easter series in the Spring.

 While losing members through moving and illness we were blessed to have new folk join us so that we have maintained our group at twelve. We were sorry to hear of David Webb's demise. He was an enthusiastic supporter and used to come up regularly from Goldhangar until dementia tightened it's grip on him. 

We enjoy learning together what God is saying to our modern world through Scripture. The setting is informal and friendly and we welcome you. 

For more information - contact Paul Smith 01621-893153