“Please help us by taking all your rubbish home for disposal”


     We are justly proud of our 12th century village church in it’s rural churchyard setting, and we are working hard to ensure that it is maintained as an amenity for the whole community.

     A year ago we requested ‘grave-owners’ to tidy up graves in the Churchyard so as to comply with the Chelmsford Diocese Churchyard Handbook. In the past few weeks we have been busy tidying churchyard trees, shrubs, & hedges, as well as trimming the grassed areas around the graves.

     We are concerned that some ‘grave owners’ have still not responded to last year’s request to tidy their graves with the removal of unauthorised trees, shrubs and other planting which prevent us maintaining an open grassed landscape amongst the Head Stones & Iron Crosses.

     Our churchyard is a place of peace and tranquillity, and we ask all members of our community to help maintain the natural environment around our village church without recourse to unauthorised planting, artificial flowers, windmills, etc. Please place green waste in the large bins provided in the bunker by the shed. Remove all wrappings etc. Oasis foam is not recyclable.