St. Peter’s Patter November 2015

 It has been a long time since the last “Peter’s Patter” as I am apologetic in confessing that I missed the previous issue of the “Parish Magazine.” So I will an effort to catch up on some of the activity at St. Peters that has occurred during the months of July/August/September and October. It will have to be a précis of what has happened due to space.

July: The Archdeacon’s visitation went well, sure indication that our paperwork is up to date and comprehensive; well done Simon.

August: During this month, I took a week’s absence from church to attend with a group of RAF Air Cadets at RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire (formerly Huntingdonshire). It was hard work but to see the smiles on their after returning from flying was reward enough for me.

September: The Basildon Heritage Group presented St. Peter’s with a copy of the “Roll of Honour” book that we previously shared with St. Gabriel’s. Both church’s now have their own copies; at St. Peter’s, we will endeavour to change the pages of the “Nevendon” section each Sunday as well as lighting the “eternal flame” in our memorial window on the south side.

Again, during this month, I took two weeks of leave of absence so that Norma and I could go on our “cruise!” A bit of an in-joke! If you really want to know, then perhaps I shall write something about it another time.

St. Peter’s has now gone “digital” with a replacement meter in place of the old analogue one; we are able to monitor the usage as well as control the “HEATING!” Not bad for a 13th Century church?

We celebrated Her Majesty’s long service with prayers of thanksgiving during our services; long may she reign.

Regrettably, at the end of the month, I suffered a minor stroke which knocked me back! The doctor has recommended that I step back from some activities for at least a month. Everyone has been so kind and supportive, stepping in and carrying out duties which I would have normally been doing; my thanks to everyone for your kind words and cards.

October: Arthur Hawkins, our “churchwarden emeritus” donated money to St. Peter’s so that Norma could decorate the church ready for Harvest Festival. I understand that giving of provisions for the Resource Centre in Basildon was tremendous; the donated baskets of fresh fruit and vegetables were auctioned afterwards by our trainee auctioneer, Rev. Simon Law, raising a princely sum of £121.25 for the Noah’s Ark school in Kenya. Well done Simon, I think you have now qualified as an “auctioneer” for the parish. Keep your gavel in tip top condition from now on.

Arthur Hawkins was so looking forward to his 95th birthday this month, but his health decided that he had to spend it in hospital and so he missed that special day. So we send Arthur, very happy belated birthday greetings and look forward to his 96th next year.

We need to offer our thanks to all those working behind the scene, without you, the church would be not worthy for us to worship the Lord. Special thanks go out to Cheryl, who diligently cleans it every week. To our gardener, who keeps the churchyard grass tidy and welcoming. To the ladies of the “Teas with Style” who without any pressure, prepare the event every month; to our welcoming sidesperson, thank you.

So, what has “Teas with Style” been doing? Well, in July a visit from a foot clinic (I can’t spell the correct terminology for it!) to demonstrate how we should be looking after our feet. Some very useful information given and some of us made an appointment with them later.

August: Because of the holiday period, “Teas with Style” took a rest.

September: Norma set a “Fashion Quiz” to test our knowledge of styles and history of clothing that we found rather testing but great fun.

October: As the “Cruise Crew” had returned and gave us a short talk on their experiences of “crewing” a narrowboat on the canals!

John Simpson


Teas with Style.


“Teas with Style” meets at 3.0pm in the Nevendon Community Hall. Here you will experience the joys of an old “traditional afternoon tea,” with genuine bone china tea service. The good ladies behind the scenes will prepare sandwiches and cakes for your delight. Come and share a couple of hours to raise funds for charities close to our hearts.

We meet as follows:

October 1st; November 5th and December 3rd.

Due to increase of costs, we have to announce an increase of the entry fee and with great regret we have to put it up to £3.00 per person.

Due to the unexpected interest, we are asking you to contact Norma to book a seat on: 01268 289305.We need to have an idea of numbers so that we can cater for the event; so please let us know if you wish to attend. Come and share time with us. First come first served.