Life Events: For many people it is important to mark important life events with a Christian service in church, eg baptisms/christenings, funerals, and celebration or blessing of a wedding. If you want to discuss any of these, or to mark some other important life event in a Christian context, contact the Vicar.

Interested in getting married at St Mary's Sheering?

You may find the following link useful for information about getting married in church:

If you want to book this church for your special day you will need to contact the Vicarage office - see our "contacts" page.



Congratulations to

Sarah & Lee Married 28th September 2019




Louise & Mark Married 16th June 2018

Milena & Jonathan Married 30th June 2018



Jon & Milena

Penny & Jason Married 16th June 2017

Kimberely & Carl Married 17th June 2017

Penny and Jason Carl & Kimberely
Lisa & Nandiran Married 27th May 2017 Georgia & Chris Married 27th May 2017
 Lisa & Nandiran Chris and Georgia
Lauren & James Married 6th May 2017  
Peter & Connie Married 4th June 2016 Steve & Alicia 10th September 2016
Wedding  Steve & Alicia
James & Gemma Married 28th March 2016  Chris & Sara Married 31st December 2015
James & Gemma  Chris & Sara Formosa


John & Sophie Married 25th July 2015


Joshua & Laura Married 17th January 2015

IMG_2219.JPG IMG_2130.JPG


Dan & Laura Married 25th October 2014


Junior & Naa Married 12th October 2014

Dan & Laura  Naa and Junior


David & Sam married 17th May 2014

Sam and david



Claire and Jonny Married 14th December


 Claire & Jonny  
Suzanne & Lee Married 23rd November 2013 Hannah and Matthew Married 5th October 2013
Suzanne and Lee  2013-10-05_2013-10-05_001_003.JPG


Ravenna and Ben Married 7th September 2013    


Helen and Ollie Married 13th June 2013

Ravenna and Ben Ollie and Helen


Jon & Laura Married 30th March 2013              


Richard & Laura Married 15th September 2012

Jon & Laura wedding  Richard & Laura


Steven & Cindy Married 18th August 2012


John & Emma Married 7th July 2012

Wedding of Steven & Cindy

John & Emma

Chris and Shelby Married 20th May 2012


Toby and Joanne Married 21st April 2012


Toby & Joanne wedding






Robert and Jessica

Married 3rd September 2011

 Wedding of Smith & Irvine-Fynn  



Darren and Tara

Married 15th August 2009



Paul and Sarah

Married 1st August 2009

Tara & Darren Family Group - Paul and Sarah's wedding




Dean and Sara

Married 23rd May 2009 

 Dean and Sarah



Simon and Caroline

married 20th December 2008

 Also Jonathan and Sarah

married 2nd May 2008

 Simon and Caroline Sara and Jon





and to those married in 2007!



Patrick & Lisette Richard & Sam
Bill_Emma Louis and Stacey
Will & Emma Louis & Stacey
Mark & Kerry Paul and Sara
Mark & Kerry Paul & Sara
Stuart & Aimee Simon_Danielle
Stuart & Aimee Simon & Danielle