We have 26 allotments next to the Village Green. 

There are currently three vacant plots.

For more information and to apply for a plot or a part of a plot (a plot is to be dived up as starter plots) contact the Parish Clerk,

Mr B Summerfield, Stambridge Parish Council, Stambridge Memorial Hall, Stambridge Road, Rochford, SS4 2AR.    

Office 01702 258566 HM 01702 549308.

Allotments are approximately 6m X 24m (20 ft X 80 ft) and may be used for growing fruit, flowers and vegetables.  There is a supply of mains water to taps available for watering plots.

The tenants are a friendly bunch who will offer you advice if you are new to allotments – or may seek your advice if you’re more experienced!


Flowers on an allotment


 Broad beans growing on an allotment

Broad beans

 Herbs and salad being grown

Herbs and salad

 Onions, shallots and garlic that have been harvested

Harvested onions, shallots and garlic 

 Al-sweet corn

Sweet corn

 One of our plots

One of our plots