This time of year is a good time to cut hedges back, trim brambles etc.

The brambles don't seem to stop growing except in the very depths of winter.

Tradition says prune tress and cut hedges before Valentines Day! X


Spring is Coming!

It may not feel like it yet but seed potatoes are already in stock at Sturmer Nurseries.

Start warming and sprouting them soon!

Early Spuds in a Bag

Get you new seed potatoes and put them in a flat tray so they all have plenty of room.

Leave them somewhere like a greenhouse, conservatory of spare room. They want enough light to sprout but not enough that they may dry out.

That will take 3 to 4 weeks and you'll have some potatoes with lots of eyes.

Then use some old fertilizer sacks, any old big tough bag is good. Fill that with good rich soil and stick 2 spuds in each bag. Cover the potatoes well.

Put those in you greenhouse or conservatory, back porch etc and watch your early spuds grow. Just make sure that, once their sprouts are above ground, that they don't get frosted.

Sacks of Potatoes