The Packhorse Bridge between Kelvedon and Feering

Kelvedon has a rich heritage rising from its importance as a staging-post on the main route between London and East Anglia, as can be seen from the numerous inns and other hostelries which served the area.

The old Packhorse Bridge formed a vital part of that ancient route, facilitating the crossing of the River Blackwater. As such, the bridge deserves to be cherished and conserved for the future.

The aim is to repair and restore the bridge for not just the current generation but for generations to come, and to help the bridge achieve its rightful place as not only an important part of the heritage of Kelvedon and Feering, but of the whole of Essex.

To achieve this, The Packhorse Bridge Society was formed, with representatives from Kelvedon & Feering Heritage Society, Kelvedon and Feering Parish Councils and with assistance from Essex County Council.

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near 2 Feering Hill
Feering, Kelvedon, Colchester

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