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Is a Neighbourhood Development Plan Right for Tillingham?

What is it?

The Localism Act 2011 gave local communities the right to produce a development plan, setting priorities for the development and use of land in a parish or local area. Once a plan is made, it becomes part of Maldon’s District Council’s Development Plan, a statutory framework affecting all planning applications as a matter of law.

The plan has locally specific policies that will be used in the determination of planning applications. It is a document that deals with land use and so looks at future development needs (housing, business or community) and the infrastructure needed to support any new development and community projects.

For a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) to be ‘made’, it needs to conform to planning policies and guidance at local, national and European level and also demonstrate support from the community through surveys and a referendum.

Can it stop development?

No.  The aim of the plan is not to protect the village from all development but to ensure local people have a say in how land is used and where development goes in the parish. The plan will be used when planning applications are assessed and influences what land is designated as appropriate for housing, leisure use and green space, and for the development of local business.  Plans are often produced to help to ensure that the village’s character and heritage is protected.

Where can I get more information?

There is a lot of information about neighbourhood plans on the internet. Maldon District Council Planning department is a good first step to find out more, as is RCCE (Rural Community Council of Essex) and Locality.

 Who needs to be involved?

 In a parish the parish council is the responsible body for producing a neighbourhood plan, however it needs involvement by the wider community in the formulation of the plan: residents, businesses, local groups, landowners and developers.

 Will I be paid for any work I do on the plan?

No, it is a voluntary activity.

 Is there financial help to create a plan?

Yes, there is up to £9000 available from government to help with the production of the plan.

 What next, how would I get involved………?

The Parish Council is keen to gauge whether the community would want to undertake to prepare a plan for Tillingham. A steering group of the community would need volunteers to help.

Please let us know if you think Tillingham should have a NDP & how you can help.

Please contact Cllr Susan Way email: susanway59@gmail.com phone: 01621 779387  By 30 November 2016.




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