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Comments from the Draft Plan Consultation are now being reviewed.


Notification of Appeal Date (Reference No. 182014)

Proposal: Outline planning application for the development of up to 200 dwellings (including 30% affordable housing); provision of 0.6ha of land safeguarded for school expansion; new car parking facility; introduction of structural planting and landscaping and sustainable; drainage system (SuDS); informal public open space; children’s play-area; demolition of 97 Barbrook Lane to form vehicular access from Barbrook Lane. All matters to be reserved except for access.


Application No: 182014
DTLR Appeal Ref: APP/A1530/W/19/3223010
Appeal Start Date: 01/03/2019
Appellant: Mr Gladman
Location: Land Off, Barbrook Lane, Tiptree, Colchester
Appeal Against: Refusal of planning permission

This is to confirm that a Public Enquiry into this appeal will be held at Town Hall, High Street, Colchester on 03/09/2019

You are invited to attend the Hearing and, at the Inspectors discretion, you will be able to express your views.

A copy of the appellants and our statement, proofs of evidence, summaries and the Planning Inspectorates decision letter will be available to view on our website or alternatively via the Planning Portal (at the web address below).

If you are disabled and wish to attend the hearing, please contact planning.services@colchester.gov.uk so proper arrangements for a parking space, access, and seating arrangements can be made.




The CBC Planning Officer would also like to know the number of people likely to attend for the seating arrangements to be available, please use the email address above or phone 01206 282424.

View Planning Portal: www.gov.uk/planning-permission-england-wales

View Planning Application: www.colchester.gov.uk/wampd/?id=182014

Tiptree Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Group have been asked to advise residents to attend on Tuesday 3rd September at 10am, particularly if they wish to register to speak. The Appeal will last from 3rd to 6th September.


The Neighbourhood Draft Plan Consultation is now closed


 Call for sites Map here             


In order to meet the requirement for 600 new homes in Tiptree there have been two calls for local landowners to put forward sites for possible development. The first was the Colchester Borough Council call for sites in 2014 and the second was made by Tiptree Parish Council in 2017. As a result 67 sites were put forward for consideration.

The accompanying map shows the sites put forward in the CBC call for sites in red and the sites put forward in the TPC call for sites in blue. Whilst we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the sites shown on this map, the site boundaries may be inaccurate in some instances and some sites submitted in the past may no longer be available for consideration with regard to future development.

Each site submitted has been subjected to a thorough Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) to assess its suitability for development. Sites have been assessed against pre-agreed criteria, the assessments were peer reviewed to check consistency and then reviewed by a CBC planning officer. Stage 1 assessment was with regard to basic conditions such as size of site, current use and access. As a result of the initial assessment 39 sites were put forward for further consideration. For the stage 2 assessment each of the 39 sites was given a red-amber-green (RAG) assessment against each of 24 criteria. The final selection of sites has been determined by the RAG score together with the vision and objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan which have been derived from the community consultation exercise.

SHLAA Form here