Welcome to the official website for Tollesbury Parish Council.  This website contains details of the Parish Council and its business, plus information about the village of Tollesbury itself.  Please use the index on the left to navigate to the section you want. 


Tollesbury Parish Council was formed in 1894, following the passing of the Local Government Act in 1894.




The modern Parish Council is a corporate body with the power to raise money by taxation (the precept)  It is an elected government and has an imporant role to play in representing the interests of the community it serves to improve quality of life.




Tollesbury Parish Council has eleven members.  The Council's responsibilities include:

  • The Recreation Ground
  • The Pavilion
  • The Cemetery
  • The Allotments
  • Hasler Green
  • Woodup Pool
  • Woodrolfe Green
  • Woodrolfe Hard
  • Street lights (approx. 40 are owned by the Parish Council)
  • The Lock Up
  • War Memorials

Tollesbury Parish Council holds its meetings in the Pavilion on the first and third Tuesday of every month. Members of the public are welcome to attend.   Dates and time of meeting can be found on The Council tab.


If you live in Tollesbury and would like an item on the agenda please put your request in writing to arrive at least a week before the meeting.



Agendas for meetings are displayed in the notice boards at the Bus Shelter and the Recreation Ground or are available to view on our website under Our Files.






Michelle Curtis is the Clerk to the Council



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Contact Information

4 Valkyrie Close

01621 869039