PLANNING 2016/17






Date of Meeting Application Number Location Proposal

Parish Council's


Maldon District's


05/04/2016 FUL/MAL/16/00210 PP-04865730 99 Mell Road Variation of conditions 2, 7 & 9 on approved planning  Approved


05/04/2016 HOUSE/MAL/16/00230 PP-0487286 Holly Cottage, 46 New Road

First floor rear/side extension

 Approved Approved 
05/04/2016 FUL/MAL/16/00237  Guisnes Lodge, Back Road

Change of use of 100m2, from agricultural to domestic use and

erection of a timber frame cart lodge for garaging and workshop

 Approved Approved

FUL/MAL/16/00348 PP-05013201

Land Between Wycke Lane

and Woodrolfe Farm Lane 

Erection of detached dwelling and cartlodge building, and

construction of access thereto

Approved - subject

to conditions

 19/04/2016 HOUSE/MAL/16/00430  8 North Road Two storey side extension  Approved Approved
 03/05/2016 FUL/MAL/16/00348 PP-05013201

Land Between Wycke Lane

and Woodrolfe Farm Lane

Erection of detached dwelling and cart lodge building, and

construction of access thereto

Approved - subject

to conditions

 03/05/2016 FUL/MAL/16/00410 Bourchiers Farm, Back Road 

Variation of condition 16 to approved application

FUL/MAL/13/00422 to allow working in any month on buildings

E and F where no evidence of bats has been found.

 Approved Approved


8 North Road

Two storey side extension

Approved Approved
17/05/2016 FUL/MAL/16/00312

Tollesbury Masonic Hall,

Masonic Lodge, Old School,

East Street

Temporary container in rear car park for storing furniture during

an extended period of refurbishment. (Retrospective)

Approved - subject

to conditions

 07/06/2016 TCA/MAL/16/00443 Tollesbury Hall, 15 Church Street 

T1 Fir - EHight reduction by 6m resulting a height of 13m.  

reduction of west side of the tree by 2.5m 

 Approved Approved 
21/06/2016  FUL/MAL/16/00583 PP-05159166  Land rear of 6 To 108 Mell Road 

Change of use from agricultural land to equestrian, the erection of a

stable block with associated hard stadning, fencing,vehicular access

and access track

 Refused Refused


 57 West Street

Claim for Lawful Development Certificate for proposed development:

Single storey rear extension

Approved  Refused 
 21/06/2016 HOUSE/MAL/16/00639  37 New Road  Erection of a single storey extension to the rear of the property Approved  Approved 


2A Woodrolfe Road  Two storey front extension  Approved Approved
 05/07/2016 LBC/MAL/16/00571 PP-05157090 The Wobin, 110 Mell Road Internal alterations to Grade II listed cottage and new log store Approved  Approved
 05/07/2016 HOUSE/MAL/16/00669  65 Mell Road  Single storey rear and side extension and loft conversion Approved  Approved


FUL/MAL/16/00737 PP-05249897

 Land between Little Woodrolfe and

Woodrolfe Farm, Woodrlfe Farm Lane

 Erection of 2 no. two storey dwellings  Refused Refused 
19/07/2016 HOUSE/MAL/16/00696 57 West Street Single storey rear extention Approved  Approved
 02/08/2016 HOUSE/MAL/16/00705 Quinces, 11A Woodrolfe Farm Lane  Two storey front extension  Approved   
 06/08/2016  EE Limited  Greenfields, Garlands Farm  

The removal of the existing 15 metre high monopole.  The installation

of 15 metre high Phase 5 monopole.  The installation of cabinet

measuring 600 x 480 x 700mm located within the existing compound,

and associated development.

Approved  Approved 
 20/09/2016 TCA/MAL/16/00996  40 East Street 

T1 – Yew take in by 1m all the way round & crown reduction by 1m.

T2 – Cotoneaster fell pushing wall over

 04/10/2016 FUL/MAL/16/01013 PP-05465765   

Land Between Little Woodrolfe And

Woodrolfe Farm, Woodrolfe Farm Lane

Proposed erection of 1 No. Four bedroom detached dwelling and

detached garage building

Approved   Approved
04/10/2016   TCA/MAL/16/01043 42 East Street   

T1 – Acer – Remove 4-5m from the top leaving tree 6-7m approx. 

T2 – Sycamore – Remove 3-4 from the top leaving tree 6-7m approx. 

T3 – Hawthorn – Remove 1-2m from the north top corner of the crown

to balance and reshape.

Approved   Approved
 04/10/2016 TCA/MAL/16/01041 5 Churchacre, Hall Road   

T1 – T9 Group of Pleached Beech Trees – Topped back to last pollard

points, approx. 2m of tree leaving trees 4m high.

Approved  Approved 
18/10/2016 HRN/MAL/16/00871

Hedgeows Between Church Street

and Prentice Hall Lane

Removal of various hedges Refused  
18/10/2016 TCA/MAL/16/01115 1 East Street T1 Holly - Take in all around by 1 to retain shape Approved Approved 
01/11/2016 HOUSE/MAL/16/01073 16 Station Road

To replace 16.8m of hedge with gate & fence panels and form new

driveway to provide off street parking for two vehicles & extend

existing drop kerb.

 Approved  Approved
15/11/2016 TCA/MAL/16/01211  83 East Street  T1 - Silver Birch - remove 5m from the top of the tree  Approved   TPO Served
06/12/2016 HOUSE/MAL/16/01325  5 The Chase  Single storey rear extension and garage conversion  Approved   Refused
06/12/2016 FUL/MAL/16/01327 Garlands Farm, Tollesbury Road

Extension of existing approval for parking four fuel delivery lorries to

parking eight fuel delivery lorries

06/12/2016 HOUSE/MAL/16/01330 8 Orchard Close First Floor extsntion and garage conversion Approved  Refused 
20/12/2016 FUL/MAL/16/01378 PP-05665362  Land Adjacent 113A Mell Road 

Demolition of existing domestic garage and the erection of a two storey,

two bedroom house 

 Refused  Withdrawn



Danesmead, 43 Wycke Lane   Single storey rear extension to include new kitchen, lounge and bedroom.  Approved Approved 
 17/01/2017 FUL/MAL/16/01430 PP-05679832 

Land West of Great Downs Farm,

Station Road 

Erect 5No. dwellings, internal access road, associated car parking and



 MDC - Refused

Dismissed at appeal




 Fairwind, 14 Waterworks Road Retrospective - erection of outbuilding  Refused   Approve

LDP/MAL/17/00021 PP-05747518

4 Wycke Lane

Claim for lawful development certficate for proposed rear dormer and




5 The Chase Single storey rear extension Approved   Refused
21/02/2017 HOUSE/MAL/17/00084  Gransden, 1 Churchacre, Hall Road  Extension and garage conversion to form granny annex  Approved 


Went to appeal


07/03/2017 LDE/MAL/17/00078 PP-05786621 Land Rear of 54 Mell Road 

Claim for a Lawful Development Certificate for the exitsing use of the

land in conjunction with the residential use of 54 Mell Road, the

operational development for buidling/structures for use incidental

to the enjoyments of the  dwelling

07/03/2017 HOUSE/MAL/1/00117 PP-05807134 68 New Road Proposed single storey rear extension Approved   
07/03/2017 HOUSE/MAL/17/00135 PP-05007184 29 East Street Two storey extension to rear of exitsing house. Refused