PLANNING 2017/18


Date of Meeting Application Number Location Proposal

Parish Council's


Maldon District's


18/04/2017 TCA/MAL/17/00351 Glebe House. 17 Church Street   

T1 - Stcamore - Reduce height by 5m and remove Ivy and

T2 - Conifer  - Reduce height by up to 50% (Glebel Cottage)

T3 - Fig - Remove and remove 12-13 Leylandii over a period

of 2 years (Glebe House)

 Approved  Approved

 HOUSE/MAL/17/00362 PP-05951419

and LBC/MAL/17/00363

 Monk House 115 Mell Road   

Single storey rear extension and internal alterations

Approved   Approved

FUL/MAL/17/00388 PP-05917567

Bradwell Power Station

Ponds and Vaults Complex

Downhall Beach



Construction of a permanent building envelope to enclose

the redundant Ponds and Vaults Complex providing protection

from the prevailing weather during the 100 year care and

maintenance period.

 16/05/2017 COUPA/MAL/17/00436

Woodrope Building

Woodrolfe Road 

Prior approval for  a proposed change of use of a building from office use

(Class B1(c) to 7no. residential flats (Class C3) 

 Approved  Withdrawn
16/05/2017 HOUSE/MAL/17/00438 PP-06009996 Fairwind, 14 Waterworks Road Additional skylight on rear main roof Approved   Approved
16/05/2017 HRN/MAL/17/00462

Hedgerows between Church Road

and Prentice Hall Lane

Removal of various hedgerows Refused   
16/05/2017 HOUSE/MAL/17/00483 49 Thurstable Road Two storey front extension Approved   Approved
06/06/2017 HOUSE/MAL/17/00469 PP-06025515  Brecknell Cottage, 55 Mell Road Propsed room in roof with small dormer  Approved   
06/06/2017  FUL/MAL/17/00376 PP-05790033  Guines Court, Back Road  Replace an existing old wall  Approved   Approved
20/06/2017 COUPA/MAL/17/00598 

Barn at Great Downs Farm

Station Road 

Notification for prior approval for a proposed change of use of

agricultural building to a dwellinghouse (Class C3), and for associated

operational development. 

04/07/2017  FUL/MAL/17/00620 PP-05804847 62 New Road 

The demolotion of all structures and the development of 10, 2 abd 3

bedroom houses with landscaping and accosiated works including access

to the site 

18/07/2017 LDP/MAL/17/00662 PP-06151997  The New Bungalow, Colchester Road 

Claim for lawful development certificate in respect of confirmation of the

occupation of a bungalow with restriction pursuant to planning

permission F/MAL/215/93/A 

Approved  Refused 
18/07/2017 HOUSE/MAL/17/00716 5 Thurstable Close First floor rear extension Approved Approved 
18/07/2017 TCA/MAL/17/00759 34/36 High Street

T1 Magnolia - Crown reduction of 2m.  Canopy uplift 1m. Remove north

facing branch.

Approved  Approvec
01/08/2017  FUL/MAL/17/00747 Great Downs Farm, Station Road Proposed replacement detached two storey dwelling  Refused   
01/08/2017 TCA/MAL/17/00725  Tollesbury Surgery, 25 High Street T1 - Remove  Approved  TPO Served 
05/09/2017 FUL/MAL/17/00862 P-06279619 Barn, Great Downs Farm, Station Road

Change of use and conversion of an outbuilding into a new self contained

dwelling house

05/09/2017 HOUSE/MAL/17/00913 PP-06305076 38 Sceptre Close

Proposed demolition/conversion of existing garage wuth side extension.

Creation of 1No. additional parking space in front garden.

05/09/2017 COUPA/MAL/17/00961 Woodrope Building, Woodrolfe Road

Prior approval for a proposed change of use of a building from office use

(Class B1(c) to 7no. residential flats (Class C3).