PLANNING 2017/18


Date of Meeting Application Number Location Proposal

Parish Council's


Maldon District's


18/04/2017 TCA/MAL/17/00351 Glebe House. 17 Church Street   

T1 - Stcamore - Reduce height by 5m and remove Ivy and

T2 - Conifer  - Reduce height by up to 50% (Glebel Cottage)

T3 - Fig - Remove and remove 12-13 Leylandii over a period

of 2 years (Glebe House)

 Approved  Approved

 HOUSE/MAL/17/00362 PP-05951419

and LBC/MAL/17/00363

 Monk House 115 Mell Road   

Single storey rear extension and internal alterations

Approved   Approved

FUL/MAL/17/00388 PP-05917567

Bradwell Power Station

Ponds and Vaults Complex

Downhall Beach



Construction of a permanent building envelope to enclose

the redundant Ponds and Vaults Complex providing protection

from the prevailing weather during the 100 year care and

maintenance period.

 16/05/2017 COUPA/MAL/17/00436

Woodrope Building

Woodrolfe Road 

Prior approval for  a proposed change of use of a building from office use

(Class B1(c) to 7no. residential flats (Class C3) 

 Approved  Withdrawn
16/05/2017 HOUSE/MAL/17/00438 PP-06009996 Fairwind, 14 Waterworks Road Additional skylight on rear main roof Approved   Approved
16/05/2017 HRN/MAL/17/00462

Hedgerows between Church Road

and Prentice Hall Lane

Removal of various hedgerows Refused   
16/05/2017 HOUSE/MAL/17/00483 49 Thurstable Road Two storey front extension Approved   Approved
06/06/2017 HOUSE/MAL/17/00469 PP-06025515  Brecknell Cottage, 55 Mell Road Propsed room in roof with small dormer  Approved   Refused- Appeal dismissed
06/06/2017  FUL/MAL/17/00376 PP-05790033  Guines Court, Back Road  Replace an existing old wall  Approved   Approved
20/06/2017 COUPA/MAL/17/00598 

Barn at Great Downs Farm

Station Road 

Notification for prior approval for a proposed change of use of

agricultural building to a dwellinghouse (Class C3), and for associated

operational development. 

04/07/2017  FUL/MAL/17/00620 PP-05804847 62 New Road 

The demolotion of all structures and the development of 10, 2 abd 3

bedroom houses with landscaping and accosiated works including access

to the site 

18/07/2017 LDP/MAL/17/00662 PP-06151997  The New Bungalow, Colchester Road 

Claim for lawful development certificate in respect of confirmation of the

occupation of a bungalow with restriction pursuant to planning

permission F/MAL/215/93/A 

Approved  Refused 
18/07/2017 HOUSE/MAL/17/00716 5 Thurstable Close First floor rear extension Approved Approved 
18/07/2017 TCA/MAL/17/00759 34/36 High Street

T1 Magnolia - Crown reduction of 2m.  Canopy uplift 1m. Remove north

facing branch.

Approved Approved
01/08/2017  FUL/MAL/17/00747 Great Downs Farm, Station Road Proposed replacement detached two storey dwelling  Refused  Approved 
01/08/2017 TCA/MAL/17/00725  Tollesbury Surgery, 25 High Street T1 - Remove  Approved  TPO Served 
05/09/2017 FUL/MAL/17/00862 P-06279619 Barn, Great Downs Farm, Station Road

Change of use and conversion of an outbuilding into a new self contained

dwelling house

Refused  Approved
05/09/2017 HOUSE/MAL/17/00913 PP-06305076 38 Sceptre Close

Proposed demolition/conversion of existing garage wuth side extension.

Creation of 1No. additional parking space in front garden.

Approved Approved 
05/09/2017 COUPA/MAL/17/00961 Woodrope Building, Woodrolfe Road

Prior approval for a proposed change of use of a building from office use

(Class B1(c) to 7no. residential flats (Class C3).

19/09/2017 TCA/MAL/17/01005  Kings Head Hotel, High Street  T1 Willow - Reduce crown by 9m  Approved   
19/09/2017 TCA/MAL/17/00985 10-12 West Street T1 Sycamore - Reduce by 3/4m overall Approved Approved 

LBC/MAL/17/00987 PP-06341576

FUL/MAL/17/00986 PP-06341576

Gorwell Hall Cartlodge,

Tollesbury Road

Repairs and extension of former cartlodge to form single dwellinghouse

and curtilage

19/10/2017 HOUSE/MAL/17/01105 PP-06422272 1 Brecknell Cottage, 55 Mell Road Room in roof with small dormer to rear Approved  
19/10/2017 HRN/MAL/17/00996 PP-06353435 Garlands Farm, Tollesbury Road

We want to remove this short length of dieased and dead elm hedge to

combine two fields so as to enable more efficent working by reducing

turning and wastage.