The Council

The Council meetings are held in the Pavilion at Victory Recreation Ground in Elysian Gardens commencing at 7.30pm.

All Council meetings are open to the public and agendas are displayed on the Council noticeboards in advance of the meetings. Members of the public can address the Council at the start of the meeting on any item appearing on the agenda under the item 'Public Forum.

Chairman - Cllr Simon Plater

Vice Chairman - Cllr Mike Bell

Clerk - Mrs Michelle Curtis


Tollesbury Parish Council has 6 committees as follows:


* Environment and Amenities Committee - to provide leisure facilities for the community, to improve the outlook of Tollesbury and to provide amenities such as seats, bus shelters etc.  To oversee that state of the highways, public footpath systems, street lighting and Cemetery in Tollesbury.


* Finance Committee - to oversee the Parish Council accounts and providing the funds for committees to carry out their services and projects.


* Woodup Pool– to oversee the running of the amenity pool.


* Recreation Ground - to oversee the running of Victory Recreation Ground and the Pavilion


* Neighbourhood Planning 


* Woodrolfe Hard and Marine Assets



Maldon District Councillors are Cllrs Elaine Bamford, Maddie Thompson and Clive Morley


The Parish Council's representatives are as follows:

Fairways Committee - Cllr Harry Nixon

Tollesbury Wick Management - Cllr Harry Nixon

Police - Cllr Mike Bell

Transport Representative - Cllr Mike Bell

Mersea Habour Trust - Cllr Simon Plater