Responsibilities on the Council  
CHAIRMAN Councillor John Smith      
  Grove Lodge      
   Tudwick Road      
  Tolleshunt Major      
  Tel: 01621 815344      
VICE CHAIRMAN   Councillor Lyndsey Barwick    Local Council Award Scheme  
  15 Tollesbury Road    Personnel committee  
  Tolleshunt D'Arcy    Defibrillator
  CM9 8UA      
  Tel: 01621 868052      
  Councillor Gerry Munson   Planning Matters and trees  
  The Stables   Recreation ground   
  Chapel Road   Personnel Committee  
  Tolleshunt D'Arcy      
  CM9 8TL      
  Tel: 01621 860553      
  Councillor Barry Dorman   Recreation Ground  
  Church House      
  Church Street      
  Tolleshunt D'Arcy      
  CM9 8TS      
  Tel: 01621 869008      
  Councillor Richard Scott    Recreation ground  
  Trelanvean Farm    Burial Ground  
  Chapel Road    Personnel Committee  
  Tolleshunt D'Arcy    Road Safety Initiatives  
  CM9 8TL      
  Tel: 01621 860343      
Councillor Jason Brown    Burial Ground  
  19B Festival Gardens    Recreation Ground   
  Tolleshunt D'Arcy      
  Tel: 07736 238089      
  Councillor Maggie Henderson    Burial Ground  
  34 Festival Gardens     Highways and Public rights of Way  
  Tolleshunt D'Arcy     Road Safety Initiatives  
  CM9 8TX       
  Tel: 01621 860548      
Parish Clerk / RFO Michelle Curtis      
  Tel:07835 866239