Weeley in Bloom




Two members of the sub committee attended the Anglia in Bloom seminar at Otley College on the 27th October. It was an interesting day, with some useful information available, a tour round some of Otley College near Ipswich and some interesting talks on roses and trees and RHS projects.




Anglia in Bloom 1   Anglia in Bloom 2

Anglia in Bloom 3   Anglia in Bloom 4 



Van parked at the bottom of the Street

Pleased to report this issue has now been resolved, and the van has been moved.

27th May 2017 - Many residents have been complaining about this vehicle, and the position of parking, which most feel is very dangerous. It has been reported to Neighbourhood Watch, the police and Tendring District Council. Hopefully something will be done about it now that it has been there over a month.


Van parked for over a month


POTHOLE & Damage Successes

Crow Lane


April 2017 - Some repair work has been done, but the holes marked with red haven't Frown (7th May - Success completely re-surfaced).Cool


February 2017 - Work is being done on the road, hopefully some of the potholes will be repaired if not all.


October 2016 There still does not seem to have been much progress in this respect, we will be chasing the Highways Dept, to see what is happening, as we understand some bus routes travel down this lane.


Crow_Lane_1.JPG      Crow_Lane_2.JPG


Crow_Lane_3a.JPG      Crow_Lane_4.JPG  Crow_Lane_5.JPG      Crow_Lane_5b.JPG


Photos supplied by Crow Lane resident 5th September 2016


These potholes are of major concern to residents as the road is already very narrow, and especially in the dark are creating a real hazard.


Bentley Road

On the junction with Fields Close - broken surface water gully on the pavement.


Further Update - 10th January - Cone has disappeared.

12th October - Upgraded to a P2 - on the maintenance team's list for repair. 

UPDATE - 22nd Sept - A bright yellow cover has been placed over the drain and a cone placed at the side, hopefully this means repair work will commence shortly.

Many thanks ECC.Smile (ECC on 15th September, reference number 2486482)


The Street - pothole at Clacton end


25th October -Hoorah - success, the deep hole has been filled, and an orange line placed around it, so hopefully a better repair will be on the way at some point.

12th October - Following a telephone call to ECC Highways, this has now been given a reference no. 2486962. They were warned that the hole is getting worse and that there might be an accident as drivers try to avoid it and cross over into the path of oncoming traffic.




2016 - Old news items



Please be aware that another application has gone into TDC:


Outline planning application with some matters reserved for a residential development of 295 dwellings, school nursery and carpark. | Land South of Colchester Road Weeley Essex




31st December - Just a heads up that there is a NHS 'Have Your Say' session at Weeley Council offices on Friday 20th January 12.30 - 13.30, regarding the closure of the Minor Injuries Unit at Clacton Hospital. If you care about the lack of services in the local area, please go along to tell them exactly what you think about the suggestion.

The Chairman and Committee would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy and Peaceful New Year.Smile



13th December - Our last coffee morning for 2016, and a very informative talk by two policemen from Essex Community Police Team. Those present were interested to learn that ASBO's are no longer law. All residents were reassured by the fact that although police may not attend some incidents, every report is logged and becomes part of a build-up of information which is then used to target police resources.

It is therefore really important that everyone lets the police know of anything untoward occuring in the area. If residents are not on the internet, but wish to make a report and cannot get through on the telephone, then let Colin Crane know on 830778, and we can make sure the information gets where it needs to go.



26th November - A fun afternoon was had by all at our Free Christmas tea - lots of puzzled faces as they tried to work out the answers to the Quiz (devised by Gwenyth) - lots of mince pies and Christmas cake devoured, and a lot of chatter and laughter. Many thanks to Maureen S for taking on the raffle (which was there by popular demand).



22nd November - Results of the snap survey - (108 resident views) - Parish Council be aware!

No development at all  - 35%

Car boot sale site          - 25%

Horsley Cross site         - 18%

Other Alternative site   -  9%

Behind Weeley Council -  7%

Behind McDonalds         -  6%



19th November - We are saddened to learn of the death of Peter Dumsday, Chairman of Weeley Parish Council. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.



12th November - Angela was at Weeley Post Office for a couple of hours this Saturday morning, to canvass views there with the Snap Survey, many thanks to all of you who helped support this endeavour Those of you who have given us your e-mails have also been contacted, we need responses back by Sunday of this week please.


8th November - Coffee Morning

A terrific turnout this morning, with nearly 40 residents turning our for what proved a really chatty and enjoyable morning. Thanks to Hilltop for allowing us to take over all the tables outside the main cafeteria, it was a delightful spot to be in the Autumn sunshine, and everyone seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. A Snap survey was passed round to sound out residents views about where they would like to see the remaining 304 houses left on the Plan sited.


3rd November - At the Local Plan Meeting this evening, 1,100 houses were removed from the Plan for Weeley, Weeley was re-designated as no longer being an Extended Rural Settlement, and re-classified as a Rural Service Centre. Well done to all those who raised objections to the Scheme. People Power working at its finest!


October 2016

October 29th - The Bingo Night was hailed as a well-attended and enjoyable evening - One table in particular was VERY successful....Surprised - residents would like this to become a regular event, so watch out on the Events page for further details.

Bingo Night Oct 2016


October 25th - Success on the pothole front, the old pothole on the bend of The Street has been temporarily filled and now sports a nice orange square collar. Hopefully a full repair will now be on the Highway Department's maintenance list.


October 15th - Village Pond

Where has it gone........???
Local ducks were flabberghasted to see that all the water, apart from a small puddle, has disappeared. A disconsolate couple were waddling on the green trying to find where it went.Wink

Village pond - dry in October 2016



October 11th - Coffee Morning

17 residents attended our first coffee morning, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves very much. A big thank you to Hilltop Nursderies for laying out a lovely choice of biscuits, and for the delicious coffee. This will now be a monthly event, please look at the events page for further details.First Coffee morning 11th Oct

NB. Both cars have been removed from Bentley Road today - RESULT!


Oct. 4th - Abandoned cars in Bentley Road

2 cars have been left at the roadside just beyond the old car lot, one for several months, the other for a few weeks. Having contacted TDC several times we have today received the following message in response -

'Good afternoon,

I can confirm that our officers are currently in the process of investigating 2 x vehicles as being abandoned in Bentley Avenue.

Silver/Blue Ford Focus reg: S139 KLU -  Ford Fiesta, Blue, reg: Y339 WCC.


Elaine Bentley

Environmental Support Assistant'

This is encouraging, and hopefully they will be removed before too long.


September 2016

TAYLOR WIMPEY - in the process of preparing an outline planning application for a development of up to 380 new homes, employment land for a business park, a local centre, along with provision of land for a primary school, a junior sports pitch, children's play areas and public open space on land North of Colchester Road, Weeley. View at: https://www.taylorwimpey.co.uk/weeley

Register with them NOW to state your views.


Neighbourhood Watch - We may well be looking for Street Co-ordinators soon, to re-start this initiative. If any of our residents are willing to use some of their spare time to be involved, then please contact us. Tel 830778, or e-mail weeleyresidents@yahoo.com


Sept. 3rd - Our last session at the Post Office, and we were pleasantly surprised that there were still plenty of residents and holiday makers coming up to talk to us, join the Association, and take or sign objection letters.

All in all we have found the whole experience an eye-opener, a pleasure, and really enjoyable so we would like to thank everyone for the interest they have shown, which has made all the effort so worthwhile.

Thank you so much to Naresh and the staff at Weeley Post Office, for all their help, and for allowing us to take up the space on their forecourt for four Saturdays.

Membership is now 188, with a few more people having expressed a wish to join, so we hope it won't be too long before we reach 200. Cool


August 2016

August 27th - We thought that things might slow down a little now that it was our third time outside the Post Office - we were wrong. Many caravan owners and holiday makers have shown an interest too, as they are worried about building happening right up to the boundaries of Park Resorts and Homestead - they come here BECAUSE of our rural area. Another huge boost to membership numbers, and the total number of members now stands at 168. A big thank you to everyone for your support, it's been great meeting and getting to know so many of you. Remember next Saturday will be our last big push before the deadline for objections to the Local Plan on the 8th September. (Thank you too, to Darren Greenwood of the Clacton Gazette, who very kindly wrote an article about our Save Weeley campaign which appeared in this week's Gazette)


Weeley in Bloom We have had our first committee meeting, and will be approaching all local businesses and organisations, as well as the Parish, District and County Councils informing them that we intend to take part in 2017,and asking for help, advice, ideas and sponsorship. We want the whole of our Weeley community to feel a pride in their environment, and to get involved in any way they can.


Garage sale - weather proved a deciding factor in the outcome of our first Weeley-wide Garage Sale. Nearly everyone who took part had a good time despite the wind and the rain, even if they didn't sell very much. Some of those who did do well, very kindly gave the Association donations. We thank you all very much for taking part, have taken a lot of very useful feed-back, and this looks set to become an Annual Event. Better start collecting all those unwanted bits together right now, so that more of you can take part next year Wink


August 20th - another very successful day outside the Post Office depsite the weather, and 25 more members have joined the WRA. Dozens of pro-forma letters of objection were handed out, either for people to sign, or to amend to their own particular viewpoints. Don't forget we are there for another two Saturdays, so please come along and say 'hello'.


A very successful first session outside Weeley Post Office on 13th August (Many thanks Naresh!) So many people were interested to see the full extent of all the building taking place, or proposed for Weeley, and the enormity of TDC Local Plan proposals for Weeley. We are there for the next three Saturdays, so if you haven't signed up for an objection letter, then come along and have a chat to us.

55 new members joined the Residents Association today - welcome all of you!!

Association Committee hard at work




Five residents met with local MP Douglas Carswell on Friday 5th August to express their concerns about the Tendrict District Council's intentions for Weeley in the proposed Local Plan.

Unfortunately the only way to put pressure on for change is to lobby the 12 district councillors who make up the Planning Committee.

If you wish to make objections against the plan, please make them in writing, or make an appointment to see your local Councillor to ask them why they wish to make a village into a town.




July 2016

Weeley residents made the National News in July when Parish Councillors, members of the Residents Association and others made a stand against travellers trying to again make camp on Weeley Playing fields -

Weeley makes a stand

After 40 minutes police arrived to help residents persuade the travellers to find another site.