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24th July - Fun Day Cheque handover for £500 to Alexia -


Alexia handover £500






2nd July - Thank you to everyone who came and spoke to us at our stall outside the Post Office over the last three Saturdays, and who signed our survey, took letters of objection to send in to TDC for perusal by the Government Inspector, signing up as members, and just for generally socialising, we really appreciate all your support.


On another matter - we are still pursuing the problems with the scrap yard at Weeley Station through TDC and ECC, and will report progress whenever we feel an advance has been made.




 18th July -




(Total money raised before and during the event totalled £1,548.73. There were some expenses to be deducted - prize money, hire of hall and Bouncy Castles, and food for the BBQ. We also had a small donation added to round the amount up)




(Drum roll please)




Well done, and a round of applause to everyone involved and who contributed to the Day.






Winners of the Grand Draw -


First prize - Carol Bannister


Second Prize -Abbey Hartley


Third Prize - Richard Ranson




There were also 30 other smaller prizes which had been donated by Weeley residents and businesses.


Thank you to everyone who gave so generously.




17th July - FUN Day breaking News .... we made a stonking..... well you'll have to wait until I tell Alexia's Mum.!!


A HUGE THANK YOU to the zillions of helpers who gave of their time efforts and money to help make the day a real first time success.


... first we're off to do the monthly Litter Pick.






11th July - Anglia in Bloom judges came this morning, and we took a very enjoyable and pleasant drive around the route for the judging.  Now we have to wait for the judging Awards ceremony on 14th September to find out if we have been successful in any category. Another big thank you to everyone involved, and to all the residents who went out of their way to present their properties in such beautiful ways.




9th July - A big thank you to everyone who is 'doing their bit' towards keeping the route for the judging well-kept and tidy ready for the judging on Tuesday. Just one more day to go, so we encourage anyone anywhere in the village - please pick up any litter you notice and put in bins or take home. Many thanks for all your efforts, and fingers crossed!!Cool




2nd July - Another disappointing turn-out for the Sunday Litter pick. Only 3 of us turned out, and we are the Monday pickers - so where are all those who said they worked and could we please do a weekend Litter Pick instead?




1st July - St Andrew's School Fete - WRA had a stall there and it was a very enjoyable afternoon.St Andrews School fete





30th June - Further to the fencing and scrap encroachment at the Station Car Park.... we have had a further response from TDC, they are of the opinion - AT LAST - that this is a change of use which requires planning permission. Keep a look-out for the application.


Tuesday 27th June - The overgrowth on the Clacton Road path down to the school has been cut back by volunteers. Overgrown pathway Clacton Rd near school

Hopefully Mum's going to and from the school will find it easier to traverse now.


23rd June - I must apologise for the recent lack of news items - we have been busy with Weeley in Bloom organisation and planting! I am pleased to say that most of that has now been completed.

Only 5 of us turned up for the Tuesday Litter Pick - it was a VERY hot day, but we did manage to pick up another 8 or so bags of litter. Things do seem to be improving, although the Playground is now becoming a concern, and hopefully action is being taken to sort this out shortly. It was also disconcerting to find areas we had picked the day before sporting NEW litter... <sigh>

Another niggle has been the overgrown pathway in Clacton Road leading down to the school. We will be trying to cut some of the offending greenery back next week.


13th June - Another well-attended coffee morning at Hilltop - lots of chattering and hub-bub, it was good to meet up with people again, and there were quite a number of new faces. Smile No need to book to attend these mornings, just turn up and meet new and old friends, all residents welcome. (If anyone requires a lift please ring 830778)

Diane took lots of bookings for the outing to Bury St Edmunds in September - so if you're interested you better quickly get in touch with her before she runs out of places! (Phone 833451, e-mail


10th June - Spectacularly wonderful evening at St Andrews Church last night - beautiful weather, beautiful setting, beautiful choir... we shall be having another of these marvellous evenings as it was enjoyed so much by those who came along.

The Church accoustics meant that the choir could really make the most of it, and the music was fantastic!




4th June - Litter pick - our first weekend litter pick, requested by those who work during the week.  Just two of us managed to pick up litter around Weeley Heath and memorial.



24th May - New bus service to Colchester -

Hedingham are starting a new bus service from Tuesday 30th May and offering a cheap fare of a £1 for the first week of operation.


The timetable shown is for ALL services, both Hedingham and First.

 Bus timetable May 2017



20th May - Thank you to all the Committee members who helped man the promotional stall outside Weeley Post Office today. Lots of residents came up to say hello, find out what's going on and to join the Association. As a result we signed up another 25 members, and took the last renewal fee for this year. Our membership for this 2017/18 year now stands at 283!

Many thanks to everyone who supports us, we look forward to seeing all of you at the various events organised over the next few months.


15th May - Usual monthly Litter Pick - 8 stalwarts turned up in the rain, and managed to collect a good 12 bags of rubbish. Much of it is take-away detritus - one wishes that people in cars would KEEP the rubbish IN their cars until they get home!!Yell



PLEASE NOTE - The Cake & Plant Stall has moved from The Street to a new venue at 20, Bentley Road. Come and enjoy coffee on Saturday, 10th June 10am until 12.

13th May - This Saturday's Stall was very well attended, lots of friends meeting up for a good natter whilst partaking of refreshments and gorgeous cakes.



13ht May - Three residents spent a good hour or so clearing up all the debris and detritus around the bottom of Loop Green, filling up the back of a Volvo estate! Litter picking  

It looks a lot tidier now, & hopefully stay that way.A tidier Loop Green



12th May - Please note that the Local Plan Meeting has been moved to Monday 12th June. (This is because of the election)


8th May

Another well-attended coffee morning this morning. Judging by the hub-bub everyone was enjoying themselves, making new friends and catching up with old ones. Diane Miles, our new Outings Organiser, tooks names and ideas for possible future excursions, once collated these will be decided upon at our next Committee meeting. Just a reminder that tickets are now available to purchase for the musical evening at St Andrews Church on Friday, 9th June.


5th May

Further to the goings on at Weeley Railway Station, Tendring District Council have responded to our concerns and are investigating.Smile


1st May - The Parish Council was granted a licence for us to proceed with the School Project 150 commemorative mound on 12th April, and work progressed almost immediately. The mound is settling in nicely, and the turf is being watered on a regular basis. The plants are being sourced at the moment, and hopefully the children will be able to plant out the wording etc within a few weeks.Cool



30th April - Weeley Hall Woods - The Essex Wildlife Trust had their Open Day today, the woods look absolutely beautiful, and scent is gorgeous.






27th April - Residents have raised several issues with us over the past week, the foremost being the strange goings on down at the Railway Station. Barriers, which were thought originally to belong to the workers installing the new ticket machine (which is now in situ), actually have been installed by the car breakers yard owners. It appears that the land is NOT owned by Greater Anglia Railways, so the car park has now disappeared.... The Parish Council are investigating matters.Station car park gone

Another problem has reared its head - fly-tipping down the approach road to the station, on the Bacon field side. As there is a large drop, the rubbish cannot immediately be seen from a car, but is obvious to anyone walking down there. We are in the process of notifying Highways, as are the Parish Council.



24th April - A great time was has by the ten residents who took part in our third community litter pick (one did her own thing down by the rail bridge as she could not get to the Offices in time! Thank you). We tackled all the rubbish in Colchester Road down to the dip in Thorpe Road. Hopefully people will appreciate how much cleaner it looks, nearly 20 bags of rubbish were collected. (We are writing to McDonalds to see if they can help with the amount of take-away detritus left by their customers on a regular basis!) Thank you to everyone who took part - we encourage everyone to pick up any rubbish they see around Weeley and pop it in their own rubbish bags - we hope over time that people will eventually take their rubbish home with them in the first place!




11th April - Coffee Morning attendance was slightly down this morning, although there were still over 20 of us nattering and having a good time. Many thanks to Julia for our little packages of Easter eggs, a lovely touch. Also thanks to Hilltop for supplying us with Hot Cross buns Cool



6th April - There have been delays with our Weeley in Bloom main School 150 Project because of difficulties experienced in gaining a licence to proceed. We are hoping for a resolution very soon, as the mound for the project needs to be completed within the next fortnight.



1st April

April 2017 - The Great British Woodstock /  The incredible Story of the Weeley Festival 1971 by Ray Clark is now available from Amazon



31st March - A brilliantly well-attended first AGM - thank you so much to all those residents and members who took the time to attend what we hope was an interesting and professional event.

Photographs to come



20th March - A great time was has by the seven brave enough to turn up in the damp on our second community litter pick. We tackled all the rubbish in the hedges and ditches on and between the two roundabouts on Colchester Road. Hopefully people will appreciate how much cleaner it looks, even though there is still some litter left which was too difficult to retrieve. 

Our next litter pick will be on April 24th - a week later than normal

(the third Monday being on Easter Bank Holiday)



14th March - Another well-attended coffee morning at Hilltop - much chattering and hub-bub, it was good to meet up with people again. No need to book to attend these mornings, just turn up and meet new and old friends, all residents welcome, only a £1 membership fee to join the Association.Smile




24th February -

Fantastic fun with the children - measuring up the site for the School 150 Project -


School 150 Project



Another very successful and enjoyable Bingo Night - lots of winners this time, and a good raffle, thanks to everyone who supported the event, and helped on the evening. Quite a few stayed behind to help clear up too, so thanks again. Roll on the next one.


Bingo night supporters helping to clear up

Supporters helping to clear up after the event.Cool




20th February - Fantastic support for our very first Community Litter Pick. 12 members turned up at Weeley Council Offices ready to get picking. After some delay whilst we worked out HOW to use the hoops for the black sacks we were off, litter picking in - Colchester Road, Thorpe Road, The Street, Bypass and Crematorium roundabout. We managed to fill at least 14 black sacks with rubbish - many thanks to TDC for supplying the pickers, hoops and black sacks. It was a very enjoyable hour and a half, and we will be back out there again on the third Monday of every month.

Litter pick


Litter pick 2





14th February - Another enjoyable Coffee morning - 25 residents came along, lots of chatter and fun. We thank John Wright and his colleague for attending with information about the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, and giving out useful gadgets for keeping items safe.



10th January - A very lively and well-attended coffee morning at Hilltop - lots of chatter and laughter, as well as a great deal of concern over large new development plans being submitted for Weeley. Here are a few of the residents enjoying the morning -

Coffee morning 10.1.17







We hear that TDC will be clearing this at the end of this week (7th July), beginning of next - or at least spraying... watch this space!






Hoorah - July and it's been taken away.


No sooner does one vehicle disappear, than another one takes its place!! White van with a puncture round bottom of The Street.... wonder how long that will be there?






25/4/17 - It has been brought to our attention by a resident that fly-tipping is taking place on the slip road down to the Station.


Fly Tip 1   Fly Tip 2


Along with a great deal of other detritus.






Accident waiting to Happen


19.4.17 Rectory Road - Bend near 'Bushwood' CO16 9BL


This property is on an unsighted bend,  Bend in Rectory Road  Rectory Rd hedge down and there are often very near misses as a result. However someone did not manage to miss the hedge a fortnight ago!


Despite nearby properties requesting reflector poles and warning signs, ECC Highways have still not placed anything there as yet.





8th February 2017 - A new pothole is beginning to appear alongside the repair at the bottom of the Street near Loop Green.


On the bend as you enter the Street from Weeley Bridge.


(Been here so long it's part of Weeley)Frown




11.9.17 - Pleased to see that these bad dips have finally been repaired!


By the Post Office - Pavement


The_Street_Post_Office_pavement.jpg The_Street_Post_Office_pavement_2.jpg


Photos taken 3rd September 2016


It's really time that we asked for a lay-by outside the Post Office - people won't stop parking on the pavement as otherwise they impede traffic flow.






Second Avenue


June, and this pothole seems to have been filled in. Thanks ECC


2nd May - Another pothole is getting worse in the same area near Thornberry -2nd Ave pothole


WE would like to acknowledge that some of the following potholes have been marked and received temporary fillings (late October 2016). Thanks ECC, keep up the good work!


Second_Avenue_2.jpg Second_Avenue_2a.jpg




Second_Avenue_1b.jpg    Second_Avenue_6.jpg    Second_Avenue_pavement_1.jpg


Photos taken 3rd September 2016


The condition of this road and some of the pavements/drain covers are causing residents serious concern - the next winter is going to make it even worse.



Crow Lane


7th May 2017 - Fantastic news, - completely resurfaced. Well done ECC.  

Question: Why white lines in the middle of a road where there is only width space for one car?